Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Big Hunt

And it has arrived. The day we lived the whole year for. What is that day you ask? Why it is opening hunting season--the day all the men troop to the woods to sit around in tree stands, hunkered against the cold, waiting for that elusive buck to come across their path within shooting range. (Okay, you can breathe now) It is also the day for all the hunting "widows" to grab their purse and car keys and head off to town for a big day of shopping. (Which I am hoping will mean lots of sales from ladies with well-laden purses.)

We get up at 5:00, put on a pot of coffee that when drank (or is it drunk) curls around inside your stomach because it is no longer a liquid it is so strong. Then we gather together all the clothes we can find, and put piles of food in the back pack, grab our coffee, water jug, and gun and we are off to the woods. Now, most people maybe wouldn't take food, because, of course, the deer could smell it and then all your grand plans of shooting the big one would be thwarted. But in our house, there is a distinct advantage--we have a treehouse from which to hunt. This is situated about 30 feet or so (I have no sense of distance-it could be 10, it could be 100 feet) from the ground, fully enclosed, windows on four sides, a heater (but you daresn't run it more than necessary because you might scare the deer), a chair and so on. It really is a hunter's paradise.

Do I go out and join in the mighty hunt? I have, but I will be honest. I make a poor hunting companion. I went out one opening hunting morning because I am a good, supportive wife and I was a grump. I know I was and for that I feel bad. I would try to do better if I repeated the process. It was early--I was tired--I was cold. So I curled up on the floor in a sleeping bag and grumbled and wanted the heater on and got cold and probably wanted to talk and was shushed repeatedly. I did go out on another occasion when it was light and I could see and I think I did a little better that time. Will I go out this year? I plan to, after the initial thrill is off and I no longer have to wash my clothes in special soap and dry them with nature's fabric softener, etc. etc.

Why did I not go out this morning? Because I have plans today. I am planning to go and pick the pockets of all those hunting widows who are coming to town to shop. I am participating in a craft show in town and I am hoping to sell lots of things. Now, I have practical things to sell, like baby blankets and dishcloths and dish scrubbies, etc. I am going armed with date balls (No, I didn't send any with the guys because I wanted them for myself or for my friend who told me if D ate them all she wouldn't make him any PB snowballs, so I have been guarding them with threats and fists because I want some PB snowballs), cheese and crackers and deer meat and morning glory muffins, and cookies and so on and on.

And so I wish the mighty hunters great success. I hope my nephew is as tough as he thinks he is and that he doesn't freeze going with such few clothes on and I hope they shoot the mighty buck. Come on guys, I want to try making some lebanon bologna. And I pray their safety. Guns and hunting season can be a little nerve wracking, though they are hunting on private property and I am really not worried about them--only the irresponsible people surrounding them or the people that have been enjoying the road shoot this year already.

And to you all, Have a great day. I'll be back later to post pics of the big buck.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Reasons to Get Married when you Older

Actually, I only have one reason, but it is important to me at least.

The top reason that I can think to wait until you are 26 to get married and then even longer to have children is this:


So there you have it--the number 1 reason to marry later in life. This week, at the clinic, a lady gave birth to her 15th child. What else you need to know is this: she is only 39, she could easily have 4-5 more children.

Ok, let's face it, I can't imagine having 1 child, let alone 6, let alone 15. It's just daunting to me. Now, if I could suffer for the short amount of time that she really suffered, I may be more tempted to attempt it, but then visions of 2 hours of hard work and I am frozen again and the adoption papers come back out. Oh wait, I don't actually have adoption papers, though I have been asked if we are considering adoption.

Now, I can also name other reasons to wait until you are older to get married--maturity definitely being one of them. And independence and travel ability and independence and freedom and so on and so on.

Now this does all sound like I hate being married. That is so NOT true, not even remotely, but when we are honest, we admit that we kind of miss the single life sometime. That freedom to come and go as you please, when you please, for as long as you please is quite nice. Now, I know there will be people on the other end of this spectrum saying that that is the exact reason you should get married younger so that you have never had independence and therefore never miss it. I suppose you could argue that, but I wouldn't want to give up my years as a single. Good times were had by all.

What all has been going on in our lives you wonder? Or maybe you don't wonder, but that's too bad, you are getting filled in anyway. I did go back and help with chores and I did learn to crawl through that cement window with an element of ease. But now, I have a door that I can just open and up and walk through to get from one side of the barn to the other. Much nicer. I did chores tonight by myself and the poor heifers had had a dehorning procedure today and some of them looked so sad--all bloody and stuff. Could someone please explain to me why female bovines grow horns? I don't get it. Just checking to see if anyone else knows. I was able to dump the milk replacer into the big mixer with some small difficulty, but it got done and I don't think I spilled any. But I wouldn't have wanted anyone watching either, because I'm pretty sure it was painful looking.

We babysat the niece and nephew this last weekend. That was highly entertaining. The 6 year old tried to be quite proficient with chores. He would bustle into the milk room and look at the computer and then go back out. Pretty soon he would be back in hollering a calf number and going to computer and looking and deciding if that particular calf was doing okay. It was hilarious. The niece wanted to adopt her own friendly calves. I texted the father her desire and mentioned that he could put in a calf feeder for her. There was no consideration given to the young girl's request--it was flatly turned down.

Just found out that our plan of being done doing chores has been postponed until further notice. Dave's cousin is back in the hospital and will most likely be having surgery. While there is a part of me that wants to really growl and complain about this and say, "But I'm tired of doing chores, etc. etc." The other part of me just wants to say, "Thank you Lord for good health. Praise the Lord that I can do chores. I will do chores every day for years to be in good health." So I will try to cheerfully do chores and thank the Lord that he has given us good health.

There are more things to write about: like why do some people go alternative medicine all the way even as they watch their life and for sure their quality of life slowly ebb away?

It's nervewracking to do an EKG with a lady in the room that does 60-70 EKG's a day.

What do you think it means when the nurse tells you to put your urine sample on the back of the toilet? Ta Da. It means put your urine sample on the back of the toilet. It does NOT mean bring it with you out to the checkout counter and then set it down by some papers while asking casually, "Is it okay to set it here?" No it is absolutely NOT okay to set it there, but go ahead because we are nice people and we will calmly take it from there and then we will disinfect the whole counter top and shake our heads in disbelief that you would do such a thing. And oh, by the way, it also doesn't mean that you should take it back to the room with you either. The Dr. doesn't want it any more than the secretary wants it. The nurse is the only one that wants and the only place she wants to get it from is the back of the toilet. Thank you for your attention to these details.

I'm also not sure it is proper etiquette to ask the nurse how old she is? And then comes the tried and true questions: Are you married? Then "do you have a family?" The next time I get asked this last question, I think I am going to answer Yes. If they ask how many children, which they will, I will then say, None, but I have a mom and dad, a wonderful husband, two dogs, 50 steers and probably some mice. Yes, we are one big happy family. Thank you for checking. Okay, I probably will not say that, but I would be tempted. There is always just such an awkward silence after the "Do you have a family or children" question.

Why is that dryers do not dry as fast as washers wash?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Random Sound Bites

While this is highly unusual for me to be posting two days in a row--I just feel the urge to write and so write I will. It's not like I have anything profound to say though, so be forewarned.

Why does it seem that all the drama and trauma seems to happen to one family? You want to cry out and say--really God how much can they take? Are you wanting them to learn something or are you trying to teach those around them how to be more Christlike? What are some ways You want us to reach out? In that respect, it has been good for us--we need to be more generous and caring and sharing. But for them? Haven't they gone through enough? Can't you just heal him and make him better right now? I know you have a plan, but..... Isn't that what you want to ask when you don't understand what is going on? I'm sure God has a plan and I want to trust as I continue to offer my husband's assistance.

But, in continuation, I did go help chore this morning. Yes, I did--got my bandana, jacket and shoes on and off I went. Stood in the nice moderately warm room and told D which calves haven't been drinking. Then had to go climb in a window in which you stand on a bucket on the outside and maneuver yourself up over the cement blocks and down the other side. I highly recommend pants for such an endeavor, especially when you are short like me. The cement is not that forgiving. Then I helped fill buckets with grain to feed the hungry calves. So, yes I did help. And I do plan to go back tonight and I might go dust in the house while D chores, but I plan to help. It helps me feel better about delegating other responsibilities if I at least help with chores and feel like I am REALLY helping. And each time I think about it, I am so thankful for a healthy husband. So, take a moment to thank God for good health--it is not something to be taken for granted.

I want to go on the Mercy Ships. I have been reading a blog on someone's experiences there and it just gives me an urge. It was something I had thought about doing in the past and reading her blog brings the niggling thought back to mind. And yet, I know, that at this juncture in our lives, that is not going to be happening, but it's a nice thought. It was also a little weird to look at a partial group picture she had posted of some of the girls/nurses? on board the ship and see a girl who I am sure was my preceptor when I did part of my nurse's training. The timing fits as well. The picture was taken in 2008 and I did my training in 2007 and I remember her talking about how she was going to go on a mercy ship. I wish I knew for sure it was her, but I am fairly positive.

I also want to be lazy today, but I have things to do--my house needs a good cleaning for one. So I am going to go get off my seat and go set the timer for 55 minutes and I am going to clean like furious for that long and see how much I get done and then I might allow myself a 10 minute break. I'm weird like that--I like to set timers for how long I work at a project. I think it makes the job seem more attainable. I do that in the evenings when I am home alone. 55 minutes for sewing on a quilt, 55 minutes for crocheting my dishcloths, 55 minutes for working on my craft show stuff, etc. etc. Then I take 10 minute breaks in there to do something different. It helps me to get more variety in my life, I guess. So you can think it's weird, but if it works for me then I would appreciate you keeping your guffaws to a minimum. Thank you very much.

Friday, October 28, 2011


So once again, I repeat myself in saying that by creating titles such as the above, I leave myself wide open to state whatever I want however I want in whatever order I want. Maybe I should also put a clause in too about using whatever grammar I want as well. There's definitely a reason I didn't major in English in school. I can identify a noun and possibly a verb. An adverb can be identified for sure only if it ends in -ly. But now that I write about it, it almost interests me to go back and learn it all over again.

I was going to do a post on femininity. I read a devotional on it and Modest Mom has been having some kind of 31 days on it or something. I really haven't figured out what she is talking about yet or how the series works. I guess I have figured out a little of what she was saying. Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts on femininity besides the fact that it has a lot of i's in it?

Right now doesn't seem to be the time to discuss such a weighty topic. I am at work on count down until 2:30. 2:30 you wonder? Yes, 2:30. Because at 2:30, I get to eat a donut. Not just any donut, but a Kwik Trip Glazers donut brought in by my coworker because she wasn't able to work this week. Oh, the donuts are chocolate covered, which wouldn't be my preference, but I now there are a lot of chocaholics out there who would love to have one like that.

Now really, how do you spell donut? Isn't donut as acceptable as doughnut? My spell check says donut is not okay, but donuts are. So which is correct? I am way too lazy to push my little thumb over to the mousepad and find a different screen to look up the correct spelling.

I am realizing that I have nothing of any import to say--just felt like blogging.

But I do have a new way of reading the eye chart. I had a patient reading the eye chart and apparently he had a momentary lapse of memory. He was reading across the line: F, L, O, P, Last letter of the alphabet, D. To say I controlled myself and looked as serene as ever would be a lie. I grinned; partly because I looked across at the secretary and she, being hidden from view of said patient, was grinning broadly. But hey, at least he knew where in the alphabet the letter came in.

When calling someone, do not say: "I know you don't want to hear from me again, but..." Truth is, what you are saying is probably true, but the receiving person cannot for professionality and kindness agree with you, but it does make for some awkward situations. You also don't want to lie and say, "Oh no, we love hearing from you." So just do us all the kindness and not mention your likeability or lack there of.

I have a Moroccan pork simmering the slow cooker at home. I am excited about it. I don't know how authentic it will taste, but I'm looking forward to trying it. I will also make some couscous to put the pork on. But I will break from authenticity and eat it with a spoon and not my fingers.

Well it is 2:29 and I am off to go prepare for my doughnut.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Latest Craze

I wonder: is it really worth it to make sure the Title goes with whatever is going to be discussed below it. Wouldn't the non-going-together part of it make it more modern. Kind of like the art you see now and then that makes no sense and I wonder why I don't throw some paint at a canvas and call it medieval wonderings or some other such name.

I am currently at work and I believe we have officially entered harvest season. The place is dead today. I have been waiting for it to happen for about the last 2 months, so it's been a little delayed in coming. I am not sure it is going to last that long either. I have off the next two days and Friday looks busy, so yay for me. I should be occupied the next time I work.

So I am sure you are all wondering what my latest craze is. It is this great new website that my friend, Jo, told me about. It has the yummiest looking food on it with readily available ingredients. Nothing high falutin' about it. Yummy things like French bread, no-bake Oreo cheesecake, and other such sundry things. Now, I haven't actually made anything from this web site yet, but I want to. Oh, I definitely plan on it. Actually I would like to go through and make everything on the web site. Well, most everything anyway.

In other news, I have been working on cleaning out the garden. I pulled out a basket load of buttercup squash and guords today. Tomorrow is pizza sauce day and hopefully chopping onions and celery and all such fun things. Then the day after that will be finishing the garden, planting garlic and pulling flowers. Hopefully also I will have time to do some baking. I have some pumpkins that are begging to be made into pumpkin pie, pumpkin cinnamon rolls and pumpkin whoopie pies if I can find a recipe. Oh, that website has a yummy looking recipe for pumpkin cobbler as well. But we will have to see how much time my day has.

Well, our evening patients are arriving and I had better get moving on.

I bet you all are wishing I would give you the web site: here it is. I would do one of those blue thingy linky thingies, but as I told my boss today, I am technologically challenged. But I want to learn how, so maybe I will find a self-help book that will explain it. So I came back to try and do one of those nifty things, but I'm not sure it's working.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Of new nephews

Tristan David joined the Glick household today, bring the family numbers up to 22, I believe. No 23 will be arriving later this year. I forgot how exciting it is to have a new nephew born in your area. We trooped on in to see him at the young age of about 5 hours. He is a cute little guy, long fingers, stuffed in lower jaw and a nice amount of hair covered by a Packer color knit hat. He looks like his brother just older than him. It was fun going to see him, though I was once again negligent about taking a gift or flowers or even a little balloon, but I think mom was understanding. Then I realized something--
It's been almost 22 years since I went to the hospital to see a new niece or nephew. That time it was a new niece, not only a new one, a first one. How exciting--me at the ripe old age of 7. As I recollect and have been told, I wanted to be nominated chief niece holder, but I think that got old when she got older and wanted me to do everything with her. Then it wasn't so fun. But I must have made an impression on her, because she is now following in my footsteps and is about 15 months away from her RN degree. I'm proud of her. Oldest niece if you read this, I don't think I've ever told you this, but I am proud of you.

So back to the new nephew--last evening I was babysitting 3 oldest siblings and I decided we should adopt them. They were a great little crew--it was about the best time I've had with them. They all ate supper without a big scene, including littlest one; then dried and put away my large accumulation of dishes. Then we mixed up some Homemade goldfish crackers, went out and played puppies for a while, came in and made said crackers, bathed and had snack and story and I only got them to bed about 15 minutes late. I mentioned to father that beings birth of small nephew went fine, I could adopt the three oldest and they could start over. Let me just say, that suggestion was not well received. In fact, I don't even think it was put up for consideration. Sad!!!! But then when I held small baby, I thought they are pretty sweet too.

So there you have it--a short introduction to the newest member.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why do I do What I Do?

I was reading my devotional tonight by Emilie Barnes and the title was "Your True Movitvation". Do I do what I do because I'm afraid if I don't, God will punish me, or do I do it out of pure love for Him and to bring glory to His name. It was challenging for me to think about.

This can apply to so many areas. I work for 2 reasons. 1. I do really enjoy my job. 2. I get paid to do it. But if I didn't get paid, would I still really want to work? I'm afraid right now with so many other things I want to do hollering for my attention or quietly sulking away in the corner, I wouldn't work for the shear pleasure of enjoying what I do with not monetary benefit. I don't know that I would do it any time either. But am I working to bring honor to God or to bring a name to myself? I want to be the best nurse, the best employee, but why? For my own pleasure or for God's glory? I have to be honest, normally for myself.

Why do you do what you do?

In other news, today the question was asked of the doctor and I: Are you brother and sister? Ha, they thought we looked alike!!!! I have no idea.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love in the Dr. Office and other Clinic stories

I think there's a story I promised you a while back of something that happened at work. Now, I realize this blog doesn't have a wide readership at this point, but I just wonder for those who read it, what your husband would have done.

It's 5:30 on a Tuesday evening. The time for the lady's prenatal appt. However, she is late, which is not unusual. She normally is, but then about 5:50, this man comes up to the counter, kind of leans on the counter and says, "My wife needs some help; she's having it." I don't recognize the man and my mind doesn't fully process what is going on. After further questioning, I realize he is saying that the 5:30 appt has arrived and Tillie (fictional name) is about to or has had her baby. I summon the doctor and grab some supplies and we head out to see Tillie in the back seat of the van trying to hide her baby. The van is full; they brought two children along, her sister is with her with her two children, plus the driver and the couple. The sister is herding the two oldest children into the clinic and hoping the rest of them are oblivious to what is going on. And the smell; I cannot describe for you the smell. I am not sure what the lady had been eating or drinking or supplementing, but it was an awful smell. I take the baby into the clinic through a door held open to me by a poor gentleman who I am sure went home with a story to tell. (We were glad he came for the pills and not the 17 year old that needed them.) Kerra is left with the job of trying to clean the van up a bit and the poor driver is just shell shocked. She looked like she totally didn't quite comprehend what had just happened. So for all you ladies out there. When the contractions start, don't just assume that you can keep going with your day because you are busy and don't have time to go in to the doctor; take the time to make sure you are not in regular labor. Maybe also hire a driver who can drive speed limit too, because if she had made it on time, she would have had the baby inside the clinic. When they came in for the postpartum check up, either it was a different driver or the driver had gotten a new van.

Now on to the title: Earlier this week or last week, we had two drivers sitting in the waiting room. Now that is not that unusual except today the old man took to telling stories--loud stories to the older lady driver. We kept an eye on them and we were pretty sure she was starting to get mesmerized by the stories he was telling. She would look intently at him; she didn't speak; she didnt need to. Now granted our assumptions are purely fictional, but .... We figured when we write our book about life in the clinic, we would need to include a chapter on finding romance in the waiting room.

Probably one of the funnier things that happened this week that had Kerra and I in stitches was an older lady and her chattiness. She woke up one night and her world was going round and round and round and round. She told this to me, to the doctor and I don't know who all. So she needed to do a urine sample. Showed her what to do and told her instructions are on the wall. No kidding, she read those instructions out loud. She was in the bathroom with the door closed and we could hear her back at our desks. We laughed so hard. I believe she finished round 1, then started in with round 2 reading them all over again. She had been told to take her time and it was a good thing, because taking her time is what she did. But eventually she got the job done and I just hope she didn't dream clean catch instructions that evening.

What is a normal temp? I talked to a lady this last week, who had been running a fever of 97.9. I gently tried to tell her that that wasn't a fever. She was 70 some years old and had thought that normal temperature was 96 something. I really hope I didn't traumatize her too badly with the realization that she had been wrong on this for a long time.

Okay, I think I have about finished with stories from my week. I do have a post in my head and on my phone that would be a little more inspiring than this one, but I don't think I want to do 2 posts in one day.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What do you think it Means?

I don't know if anyone wondered about the flowers posted at the top of the blog, but if you did, let me tell you about them.

Dave, for our anniversary, decided to get me living flowers instead of cut flowers. It was a nice gesture, signaling how our marriage is a living one that will last beyond the days of cut flowers or the days of nice romance, young love, and high ideals. The unfortunate problem with these flowers is I killed them. Now, I didn't do this on purpose, believe me. I tried to save these flowers. They were beautiful with buds coming out on them. I watered them regularly, possibly too much, and the buds started dying before they bloomed and then the leaves started falling off and so on and so forth. In a last desperate effort to save them, I trimmed off all the dead stuff, but it didn't help. So now my once beautiful azalea is sitting outside in the back of our flower bed, where I am hoping against hope it is only hibernating. Basically, in short, I am living in denial that it is really dead.

So coming back to the title of this post: what does it mean? My husband buys me flowers to signify our living marriage and I kill the flowers. Am I also killing our marriage? Now, I think Dave and I have a good thing going: we have our struggles, wait let me rephrase that. I have my struggles and issues and he is patient and perseverant (is that a word?). But on the serious side, do I sometimes allow MY wants and wishes to get in the place of HIS needs and desires or OUR best interests and in that way am I breaking out the foundation that a marriage needs to be built on. I know I can get rather involved in my agenda and get a little annoyed if I have to stop what I want to do to go make supper or do something for him? That is just not the Proverbs 31 woman is it?

Now I like to think to myself that when I am not working 25-35 hours a week, that then I will have more time and will just love to make beautiful meals and fancy dinners and will drop everything at the beck and call of my husband and will exemplify a servant wife. That whole sentence makes me chuckle, because if I can 't do it now, why will I do it then and I know myself well enough to know that I am not the door mat that sentence may have sounded like. That's just part of the issues at times with other people--I tend to be too opinionated.

But it is a thought provoking question: (what is the question, you wonder) What am I subconsciously doing to help or hinder our marriage? It has been a challenge for me to be willing to drop my agenda and just go spend time with Dave. I have been trying to improve on this. With him working almost every evening from 6-11, I have to take the time during the day when I am home or we will be like two ships in the night, totally missing each other and not even knowing it: at least not right away.

Wow, I didn't even know where I was going with all that, when I first started this post. Just some rambly thoughts in my head. I think that if I plan to improve domestic happiness and good will then I will get off the computer and go clean up the kitchen and get ready to go. Our church has their annual campout this weekend and we are one of the ones in charge. While we are not staying overnight, we do plan to leave at noon to go for the ball game and will be there until late, then back in time for breakfast. The campground is about an hour away, I think. I am trying to come up with all the reasons I can as to why I should not play ball. I normally do play ball, but I have not felt like playing ball all week and still don't and don't feel like I need to, but yet feel like I should. Don't even try to figure it out.

Sometime I will have to come back and add a Number 11 to my last post. More details later, but it will be on where the respectable place is to have a baby. Oh and I do have a pic of a strawberry pie to post sometime as well. Ahh the utter delicacies of a strawberry pie. Do cinnamon rolls count as pie? I made them in a pie pan and they were utterly deliciousness. I know that was not a grammatically correct sentence, but it wasn't the only bad sentence structured sentence in this article, so it doesn't feel lonely.

Good day,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Do's and Dont's of a Doctor's Office

1. It is Dr. S not just S. If you want to shorten it go with Doc, not just the last name. It seems so crude. The secretary threatens to have the patient hold so she can go throw up when someone does this.
2. It is a Prescription, not a subscription. A prescription is medication that you get at a pharmacy, a subscription is often a magazine that comes through the mail.
3. It is Lyme disease not Lymes. There is no plural.
4. It is perfectly okay and welcome really to shower before you come to your doctor's appt. In fact, the nurse would way rather have to spray away the smell of your strong perfume/cologne than the smell of your few weeks old BO.
5. Appointments are not only prefferred, they are required. I know we will work you in in an emergency, but please for all other things, make an appointment first.
6. It is not okay to ask questions about the patient that was just in or your friend who came in last week. While we would love to discuss this with you, the government has put harsh controls on these things and forbids us to discuss these things with you. And while we are much more lenient that some areas, it is still not okay to ask.
7. You may ask how old we are or even if we are married, but do not ask if we are Dr. S's wife.
8. Singing along with the music is acceptable. The staff enjoys a small smile while you do it, but please we would rather you do that, then grump about life.
9. Twin nephews mean just that; you don't have to ask the gender. It was specified. Though it sounds just like something I would do.
10. If your appt. is at a certain time, be there at that time. Don't show up a half hour late, esp if you appt was the last one of the day and you were emphatically told to be there at 4:00.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I'm back again. It's been a really, really good week. There is only one thing that will totally complete and that should happen in the next hour. D is coming. I have been at my parents since Wednesday evening and I am really, really ready to see D. I could dance around the house in my excitement about him coming, but I have refrained. I am trying to maintain a more "mature level of excitment."

I've decided that if I think I can set up and design a web store for someone that I had better learn how to master my own blog design first, so maybe over the next few weeks, you will see new and different changes to the site. I won't say improvements, because I don't know if it will be that.

First, maybe I should learn how to put pics on my blog. Blogs are ever so much more interesting if accompanied by pics, but I get so discouraged about the picture uploading and rearranging process that occurs that I don't upload any pics.

This blog is really about nothing in particular:

Yesterday, I was with my 3 friends. Oh my, what good times. We discussed briefly this whole thing of loving people and if hormones can affect our ability or desire to love and if so, should they be allowed to. I am not going to say much about all of that, but I just now thought of something I had read that morning. It was a devotional reading by Nance Leigh Demoss and she was using the Bible verses of Colossians 3:12 and 14. Verse 12 says: "Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience." NIV. This is a good verse and sounds like a lot of really good qualities, but then verse 14 clinches it: "And over all these virtues, put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity." Without love, everything else we do is pointless. And yet, so often we try to make God out to be such a God of love that He would never condemn anyone to hell. What is the balance here?

That is very abstract, but something I thought about. Better go help get pizza on for supper.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This and That

Tonight feels like I should blog, but I feel like maybe I have nothing to blog about. I just read and now can feel relatively uninspired. I like to think maybe I can write, but then I read hers and feel woefully inadequate and yet inspired to try a little more.

I don't know that I'm trying tonight. In case you are still wondering I did get pies 12 and 13 done. It was Eva's Rhubarb Pie and a Chocolate Fudge Pecan Pie. Both were quite delicious. I love rhubarb pie. Now I realize I may be in the minority with that sentiment, but it is true. Rhubarb and me go way back. Way back to those summers when it seemed like everything we ate was rhubarb.

On to other things, my mom and sister came today and helped me finish the garden. What a great feeling. Now to begin the weeding. So discouraging, but if only I can look ahead to the harvesting, maybe it won't seem quite so bad. When I am out weeding, then is the time to wonder why Eve ever ate the fruit. Do you ever wonder that? Wonder what our lives would be like if she hadn't eaten, hadn't yielded to a snake of all things? Personally, I think someone else would have messed up. If we didn't have the freedom of choice, what would be the point of living. Wouldn't we be operating like robots then? Or would there have been levels of love we could have offered, but if it wouldn't have been the best love, wouldn't it have been good and bad choices. Okay, I realize these are really irrelevant questions and purely hypothetical, but somewhat interesting to ponder. But how did I get from my garden to here.

I'm with Lucy, wondering if my grubby-looking flower pots will ever produce things of beauty. My sis gave me a gerbera daisy and now that makes me smile. Nothing like a big old bright flower peering at you to brighten up your day.

I could post pictures of our vacation in New York with D's family if I wouldn't have left the camera card at home in the computer. GRRR!!! But I might post a few pics from our time in Iowa at the Mast Reunion. Might being the operative word here as pics and I on this blog have our struggles. So this is what happens when you let the computer outsmart you. The pics were all at the top, all totally out of position so I gave up.

Good bye.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pies, PG tests, and Practical Life

I can see you all now, you are frantically scoping out this post to see what pertinent informtion you can possibly find that relates to the title. HA HA!!! Good luck!!! I was just looking for a title that started with the same letter, or wasn't I? I guess you will have to read on and find out.

Pies 11 & 12 were accomplished over the weekend, but I forgot to take any pictures of them.
I made an Apple Custard Pie from Taste of Home and a good old Banana Cream Pie. Both were quite delicious in my opinion. I'm not a big apple pie lover, but D is and so I make them and normally like them. I just don't crave them. Okay, enough explanation on that.

Life in the Clinic has been high energy lately. It's been one pain in the ear after another. But there have some humorous/interesting moments as well. I always like to be careful on here in case someone would stumble on this blog that would know the people I am talking about. So I will just phrase two questions. If you had numerous negative pregnancy tests would you call and set up a prenatal appt? How would you explain the fact that you had a positive pregnancy test 1 week after you got married? Is that possible if you behaved and everything? I'm just asking. Did you new husband get more than he bargained for when 2.5 weeks after marriage you are flat on the couch with morning sickness? Does it come that fast? I am not trying to be critical, I don't know how soon you can be attacked with morning sickness--I have it a lot.:) :) Mine is of the more sporadic nature and generally has something to do with when I ate the night before!!!!
One more question or maybe two: how do you kindly tell a mother that it would be good to keep her small son in the exam room with her until the doctor comes in rather than the nurse noticing him trying the door out on the other exam room? How do you keep the smell of 2 badly soiled pampers from permeating through the whole building?

Practical living: We are having Revival Meetings right now. Dennis Martin from MN. Good, Good, Good. I was challenged last night with being a person of the "towel". We like that reputation. We like to be known as the Mennonites that come together and help people in crisis situations, but what does are towel look like. Do we like our towel looking nice and sharp and white so it contrasts nicely with our black suit and looks good to those looking on or are we willing for our towel to be used and ragged because we have been using it to help those around us. That was a challenge for me. I don't like being a servant much. Oh sometimes I do. Sometimes I think, "Okay today, I am going to serve. I am going to be cheerful and do things willingly for D and just really be happy." Then 9:00 AM comes and I am in the middle of a project and don't feel like getting his wallet or going out for lunch with someone or making a meal for the new baby's family. Then my towel stays nice and clean and I feel good sort of because I have my nice towel. It really challenged me. There are such blessings in serving and helping those around you both to yourself and to those you help. That's where the true happiness comes in giving and serving those around me.

Well, today is beckoning. Even though spring seems to be evading us this year. There was snow noted to be falling this morning, I believe I will continue my hunt for summery foods to eat. That way when I have my bushel of zucchini, I have cool menus to use them in instead of making the same things over and over and over again.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pies 8, 9, and 10

You may wonder what happened to the pie plan. I'll tell you what happened. Life happened and there hasn't been time for pies. These three pies that are following were made the third weekend in March and taken to carry in. Well, only 2 were eligible for carry-in. The blueberry pie wasn't big on getting thick until we cooked the tar out of it. That is a fancy way of saying I kind of forgot about it in the oven until it looked a little well done. The reason the pic looks so nice is the pie was still in it's more runny form when I took the picture. Cream Banana Pecan Pie from Taste of Home. This was very yummy. I wasn't at all sure about it, but it has a really good pecan crust, then a layer of bananas, then a layer of cream cheese filling, then a pudding layer, and then cool whip. It was my favorite of the three.

Blueberry Pie from the Basics and More, I think. This was good, but like I already mentioned I baked it a little long on its second go around so it looked a little dark.

Pink Lemonade Pie also from the Basics and More. One of the easiest pies ever. It takes pink lemonade, sweetened condensed milk and coolwhip. I think maybe there was one other ingredient. I added food coloring so it looks pink. It was really quite good.

So there you have, my pies continue. I take no responsibility for any thing that sounds weird on this post. I feel a little drugged right now. Taking a nap in the aft has a way of doing that to me, but little sleep during the night has a way of making a person take a nap in the afternoon. Lets just say I'm ready for a little baby break right now.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Okay, I have done it. I have my own Etsy shop now. It is nothing to brag about, but if you want to check it out you can by going here: Please, please offer me helpful hints and suggestions for how to improve my site. It needs some help. The banner looks odd and goofy and plain and uninviting, but I am creatively uninclined. Hopefully over the next few days I will be able to add more items to the site as well. Hopefully the next time won't take me 2 hours to list one item.

Oh, if you need a baby gift, it's there waiting for you when you check out my site. :):)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is that Your Name?

Funny story from work today: this Amish man was coming in with his daughter for an appt. This is the same Amish man who had a discussion with someone from Nutri-Choice about whether the earth is round or flat. I guess in school he was taught that the earth was flat, so after discussing this for a bit, the Amish man concluded that he "guesses he will leave it in the Lord's hands." So today he comes in and I am listening to the baby's heartbeat and breathing with the stethoscope and I hear him asking how to say my name. I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or not, but after I finished we had a conversation that went a little like this:
Amish: That thing up there (pointing to my name tage clipped to my scrub) is that your name?
Me: Yep
A: How do you say your name?
Me: Aurelia
A: looks surprised: huh?
Me: Aurelia
A: stammers a bit and then "Well, that's okay to have that name."
Well thank you so much. My life is full and complete now because I now have your permission and blessing to have my name. Not like his daughter's name was ultra simple and plain, but hey whatever flies your kite.

There was no pie post for this week because we had a couple's supper Friday night and part of the activity was the guy had to make a pie with the wife only giving instructions. Her hands were tied behind her back. It was quite easy for me as D had made a pie a few weeks back and we could watch a few make them in front of us and were able to follow their technique as well. We struggled on the fancy edgings because I do it different from most people and I couldn't explain very well how to do it. But it was a yummy PB pie.

Maybe later this week I'll do another pie. We wil have to see.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Okay, I just had a post done in which I had pictures posted and everything. I went to publish it and it said there was a conflict and I needed to hit the back button the browser. I did and ended up with a blank screen.

I had my Pie No. 6 & 7 and pics of the quilt I had made, the azalea D bought me and our naughty puppies. So please feel free to imagine any or all of the above. They were lovely, even though the pics didn't do justice anyway.

Pie No. 6 was a Coconut Cream Meringue Pie that was wonderful. Pie No. 7 was an Old-Fashioned Custard Pie that was exactly the opposite. While having a nice texture, it had an odd taste. I don't know if it was the nutmeg flavor or if it took on a flavor in the fridge. It will be food for the pigs, I believe.

Anyway, that is all. I struggled to get these pics uploaded in the first place and I have no intentions of trying again. I am off to make stuffed animals. Hopefully, my sewing machine will not talk about editing conflicts.

Pies 6 & 7 & other facts of life

It appears as though this post never was posted. Not sure what happened there. If this truly is a repeat, just ignore it and then ignore me.

Pie No. 6 was a yummy Coconut Cream Meringe Pie. It looked quite pretty when I took it out of the oven. I really have no food taking abilities, but I try anyway. I want to blame at least some of it on the camera. Pie No. 7 was an Old-Fashioned Custard Pie. Not even worth a picture. It is awaiting a trip to the pig pen. It had a lovely texture, but a very odd taste. I think it was the nutmeg I put in; either that or it took on the taste of something else that was in the fridge. Not very good. Wanted to try a Pink Lemonade Pie this weekend, but D turned up his nose, so I guess we will wait on that. I think it sounds pretty good.... Well, next up was going to be a pic of us on our 2 nd anniversary, or a day before, I guess. However, it appears that I accidentally erased it and I have already tried 3 times to get all the pics and the right ones uploaded and I am not planning to try again. Just go look at our wedding pic and you're good to go.

Our wonderful little doggies, who have put us all in the dog house over the last few weeks. I sweep the floor and they immediately jump up on the door of the cage yapping and whining and sending out sprays of shavings which then get drug through the entire house. But hopefully soon they will all be somebody else's problem. 2 gone and 5 to go yet.

Streak of Lightning quilt. Another one I finished the first of March. My goal was one quilt a month for this year, but I don't think I will make it for March. Too many other projects going on.

The azalea D gave me for our anniversary. The picture doesn't do justice. Now if only I can keep it alive. Plants and I have our stress points. They stress and I live in a state of ignorance regarding it.

Well, I better get going. Want to get a couple stuffed animals sewed tonight yet. :):)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Change of Plans

So life or babies have a way of turning your plans upside down. I had been struggling to get enthused about making food for our church fellowship meal tomorrow. Finally, thought I had it narrowed down to a hotdish concoction of meat on the bottom, then some sliced potatoes, cheese sauce, then veggies and then cheese across the top. You know it's a requirement for all good church hotdishes to have cheese on them. Anyway, this was my own made up thought because everything I wanted to make needed the oven and our group at church has a tendency to do oven dishes and then we run out of oven room. So that was going to be the main dish and then I was going to make a Coconut Cream Meringue Pie and a Old-Fashioned Custard Pie in keeping with my pie tradition.
But instead, I am here at work. The roasts that I put in the crock pot this morning are at home merrily cooking away and I am just hoping they are not burning to a crisp or drying out to some chewy leather. The Pies? Well, I don't know. I had changed my mind about the pies because I realized I couldn't put anything in the oven because I didn't know when I would have to go to work. So I bought some stuff and was thinking of making Pink Lemonade Pie. But who knows? I never made it home yet. It's 2:30 in the afternoon, the lady is in the very early stage of labor and doesn't want any unnatural assistance. So maybe we will just come home for lunch tomorrow because I won't have gotten anything made. Now, if someone would bring me a pie plate, some graham crackers, and a recipe; maybe I could make the Pink Lemonade Pie. I have 2 cans of concentrate and 3 cool whips here. What kind of dessert could I make with that? I suppose there won't be any fresh frozen yogurt or pizza for supper either at this point.

Now, I realize that last paragraph sounded rather whiny; I don't mean it to. This is my life and I love it. I enjoy helping bring babies into the world. Granted, I would like to do it on my time table rather than this more unknown time schedule; but this is what I have chosen and I will enjoy it. Time and a half, after all.

How involved is God in the little things? By a random notion, I suggested to Dave that we do Subway for lunch. I had to go to Marshfield to take some lab work into the clinic there; we caught lunch in Spencer and as I was getting gas I got the call to come to work. I was much closer this way and I also got a good meal in. Dave is also working this afternoon, so we aren't missing quality family time. And God is a Great Provider.

Speaking of family time: we don't really have any anymore. I work day shifts like normal people; at least I normally do. Dave works evenings from 6-10. I'm about falling asleep til he gets home about 10:30 or 11. We speak a few words and then fall asleep; dragging myself out in the morning in time to leave for work at 8. If I am really industrious, I will even make breakfast. This isn't every night, but about 3-4 out of a week. While being very grateful that Dave has work, the evenings can get just a bit long by the time 9 or 9:30 comes around.

Okay, well I suppose I better move on to a new project before everyone gets tired of reading this long epistle. Almost wish I would have brought my book, but I suppose I can try to finish reading a profitable book I have here to read that would potentially assist me in my nursely duties.

Farewell to you all and hope your afternoon is lovely.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I suppose you can also tell that I have no talent for nice posts either. I think they change their looks from when I finish typing them to when I post them. But again, why apologize? I guess it's my site isn't it? Have a lovely day.

Pies 4 & 5

Well, the pies have returned after missing last week. If I don't get the crust figured out better, I will soon be skipping that part and just having the filling. Three pieces for one pie is a little much, but I got it in there and bake and it didn't shrink too bad. Then you put the filling on and nobody knows how terrible it looked to start with.

Raisin Cream Pie
This is one of Dave's favorite; I am not a big fan and
I hope it tastes better to him than the little bite I took or
we will have our first pie flop.

Cranberry Cream Pie
I got this recipe from my sister last night and
decided it would make a nice pink pie for
Valentine's. Yes, this picture was taken in the freezer.
Please don't look around. This filling tasted very yummy.
Can't wait to try it. And yes, I know to take nice yummy
food pictures, I should have a piece of pie out on a really nice plate
and not use my orange-pink countertop or my freezer for the back
drop. I also should have a camera whose lens opens the whole way.
But I'm not a professional photographer, though someday when I grow
up I think I would enjoy doing some photograhpy. Until that, deal with it
or don't visit my site.

So that was my morning, along with thoroughly burning
a cooking pot while trying to make evaporated milk. But I
got the milk made, though I reduced it a bit too long and it was almost a
chunk of milk, but I am hoping it will be okay. So at 1:00 I get to put this
mixture into an ice cream freezer and frozen vanilla yogurt here we come.
I can't wait. If this turns out and I can keep it in the freezer and it stays
reasonably well, my days of buying ice cream may be coming to a stop.
Well, probably not a stop, but a much reduced speed. Though, that would be
almost a stop beings I hardly ever buy ice cream. Did you need to know all that?
I don't think so.

I also tried to clean my stove that had received a huge amount of stew on it's
bottom the other day. I decided it would be better to endure the smell for awhile
and burn it off. So if you come to my house soon, you will get to smell burnt stew.
But when I go to clean it again it will hopefully come off with a simply spray of oven
cleaner, soaking for 2 hours and a swish of the rag.

Now I must be off. A dress and a sewing machine, a chair and a book are eagerly
awaiting my arrival. I will not say in which order i am going to do them either.
If you are looking for some good books to read, I recommend Angels in the ER and
Angels on Call by Dr. Lesslie. Very interesting reads--you may want to have some interest
in all things medical, but either way I think you will be stirred by what you read. You may laugh and cry and wonder at the world but they are rather captivating. Tony Dungy writes some good books as well. Okay, enough of being a book analyst--I just want to go read them.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello to everyone,

I am having a nice? quiet evening at home. Dave is off working for the 4th night in a row. I went with him one night and realized I don't do much physical labor. After about 4 hours of putting stringers into the pallet machine and also trying to help with the pallets a little, I was a little sore. So tonight, I am at home. Going to go sew on a dress for Valentine's shortly. Feeling really, really lazy.

Here are some pics from last weekend. So much fun; I wish I knew why they have to upload directly backwards, but I guess we will start from the end of the weekend and go backward. I don't have that many anyways.

Devynn sleeping peacefully on the couch while the fans started to gear up for the big one.

We babysat Jaedon and Kelsie Saturday night for awhile. Jaedone was trying out his ability to stand on his hands and then was blowing marshmallows with his marshmallow gun he had made.

Dave and Jaedon playing checkers

Kelsie and I worked on some puzzles. She loves to put puzzles together and is really quite good for only 3 and a half. This is the one that Grandma Mast sent along out with us.

Devynn once again sleeping. He did have moment when he was awake, but I guess I didn't capture any of them.



These are pics I took of our puppies just before we left so I could show them to J and Kelsie and completely forgot to show them. You can see how little our runt is. He is doing better. Maybe being called Jacob has improved his self-esteem. He struggled a little while we were gone, but seems to be growing, so very, very slowly.

Some of the overweight, fussy puppies. They already are whiny little pugs; I don't even want to imagine what it is going to be like in the next 3 weeks. If all my next post shows is a big AWWWWWWW!!!!! you know what happened. I have tipped off the deep end into the wild side.
And now I must go; some clothes to fold, dress to sew, menus to plan, books and magazines to read.
But just one last question: What are you making for Valentines this year?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good morning,

I was going to post a little story from yesterday at work on here, but I can't get this thing to copy and paste and I don't feel like retyping it, so unless I can get it to work in the next few minutes, you are all out of luck. But, I finally figured out how to do it, so here it is:

We also had a newlywed couple come trompsing in yesterday, in which, I think, the husband was quite sure at any moment his wife was going to keel over and collapse and be gone. He rushed her in from the car, carrying her and put her on the wheelchair Kerra had out, raced through the waiting room into an exam room and was ready to deposit her gently on the table, when I said she had to leave a urine sample first, beings that is why she was coming in. But she was supposedly in so much pain and the husband didn't know if she could and she didn't know if she could, but I said that we really need it and the only other option was to put her on the table and then make her get up again, so we proceeded to the bathroom, where I showed them what to do and they didn't listen, but he is heeve hoing her up and pulling her dress up, when I was like, "Um if you could excuse me a bit, i could close this door." Then a few minutes later, I hear a frantic, "Maam, this is all I could get" and I am presented with a nice little cup of urine. No gloves; so I accept it gingerly and cringe. Anyway, all this lady had was a bad UTI. But the husband was one doting young man, kept hanging over her and everything. My boss and I kind of chuckled and Kerra kept saying, "you were newlyweds once too." Neither of us could quite imagine that scenario being repeated on us though. The lady in the waiting room got up and went out and closed the man's car door because he obviously wasn't going to go back and do it. I am trusting that today the lady is feeling much better and her pain has resolved and she is well on her way to healing. I can imagine how scary that would be if you are not sure what all is going on and your new wife is threatening to fait and puke and pass out. Plus you have the added drama of being married less than 2 months and not yet understanding completely how the other one ticks. I do have some sympathy for them.

Dorothy the link for the cream of mushroom soup recipe is here.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mother's Own
My quilt project of the last while. I was so ready to have this quilt done. It turned out quite nice but was full of lots of little squares that were sewn into triangles and well....It was quite time consuming. Again, not the best in photography, but that isn't one of my highlights. There actually are a few better pics of this quilt, but my camera wouldn't show me the pics when I wanted to upload, so I just guessed.

Pie a Week for a Year Project

Maybe I should start out with a before and after picture of the two of us, so you can see what this project cost us in terms of enlarged girth and new clothes. No, I don't honestly think it will be quite like that.

Last evening, D and I went on a walk and we were talking about pie for some reason and I made this comment about how I could probably make a different pie every week for a year and not duplicate. D seemed a little dubious, so I named as many as I could think of, which only amounted to about 28. But then I was on to a notion and for those of you who know me, when I get on to something I am driven by it until I get it taken care of. It's not the most useful processing of the brain I have, but it works at time. So when I came home, I grabbed 3 cookbooks and wrote down the months and projected 4 pies a month for the rest of year with a few as misc for when I need a different idea or have already made all my pies. Do I think I will actually get 50 pies made this year? I don't know, but I am going to give it my best effort to make a pie a week and never duplicate the kind. Now there might be 3 apple pies but they will all be a bit different.

Pie No. 1: Cherry Pie. Dave made one night when he made supper

Pie No. 2: Peanut Butter Pie. We had this one last Sunday for lunch. This has got to be one of the top of the line for pies.

Pie No. 3: Lemon Meringue Pie

Now, I am quite well aware of the poor quality of this photo and yes, I know, I should have added food coloring to make it look more lemony, but hey, I saved us a few chemicals this way. It was my first experience with meringue and I need a little practice, but was quite delighted with the way it turned out. I am not going to tell you how long this pie has been sitting around so therefore you won't know how much we ate at one time.

So that is the beginning of the pie contest. Maybe I will post pictures and make you guess what kind of pie it is or something. I won't make one next week because we are going to New York City and I am so excited!!!!!!!!

Good bye

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 123

Okay, I really want to do better at updating than I have been doing, but internet at home is a precious commodity, along with time and writer's inspiration and work isn't always the best place to do it. I am at work now becaue I came in for the weigh in in which not very many showed up and now I have time to kill until 1:00.

Project 1: Making Jerky. Has anyone ever made jerky? This was something D and I tried last year. (Wow, doesn't that sound like a long time ago?) It was December, I think. It is relatively easy and very good. Wow, I should make some more because it doesn't last long. It's a little gross if you think about the fact that it is basically raw meat dried, but I like to think of it as raw meat cooked at a very low temperature until it is dried. Give it a try if you have some old roast laying around that needs to be used because ice crystals are starting to infest their way into the innermost part of its being.

Project 2: Making yogurt. This I just tried on Saturday. I had no idea yogurt was quite so easy to make and so good. I remember homemade yogurt as being a little lumpy with a weird flavor. Mine is a little lumpy with clear congealed areas thanks to my impatience and thus stirring it to make sure it was getting thick because once you get to the bottom of the jar it is all nice and smooth. All you need is some milk and what do you know? Yogurt (for the whole live culture). It really makes sense in the whole reproductive scheme of things. Dogs create dogs, cows create cows, petunia seeds yield petunia plants, yogurt breeds more yogurt. Doesn't that just make sense? You have those two things, add some unflavored gelatin to keep it a little thicker, cook it for a bit to a certain temp and then bring it down to another certain temp and keep it that way for hours on end and PRESTO you have yourself some yogurt. Next time I am going to use flavored gelatin and add some fruit. Can't wait--I think I am going to try some more on Saturday.

Project 3: Homemade condensed cream of mushroom soup. This kind of came about because some of the weight loss ladies were asking for a healthier version of the boughten stuff, so I found a recipe I wanted to try and then searched a cookbook for a recipe that took cream of mushroom soup and then I made it. It turned out thick and yummy. You really could add any spices you want and instead of mushrooms you could add chicken for condensed cream of chicken soup or celery for condensed cream of celery soup and...well you get the idea. Now in the whole scope of things, the calories are about the same, but the fat is way decreased and i will need to check on the calories because that will vary based on what kind of milk you use. I'm thinking you could use skim milk, drop the calories and fat even further and still have a great taste. We will have to see. First, I would need to try and sneak skim milk in the house and then I will need to find enough uses for it so it doesn't go bad on me.

Project 4: Starter Friendship Bread. Yes, I dug it out of my freezer where it had been put many long months ago. Does anyone know? Will it still be good? I really like the bread and decided it was time to resurrect the started. So now it sits on my cupboard along with the puppy milk replacer and my egg cartons of flowers, which I suppose could lead to....

Project 5: Geraiums and Petunias. I started them last Tuesday morning and I am happy to report that at least some of them seem to be growing. The geraniums started sprouting and shooting less than 36 hours after I planted them. The petunias have been slowly coming. I am holding my breath. Last year I got about 5 plants out of 50 of these nice trailing petunias. So we are hoping for a better turnout. They have the life, warm (on top of the stove), moist environment. I have seen a few shockwave and some supercascade poking through and am hopeful the rest will follow. I believer it can take up to 2-3 weeks for them to germinate, so we will see.

That I believe may conclude the projects at hand unless you count the quilt I am working on or the patterns I bought a few weeks ago to make these cool crafty items or the dress i want to sew and of course there is laundry to finish and fold and iron and put away and then get out and wear and use and make dirty and wash again and on an on ad infinity. How does that go again?

Good day to you all

Friday, January 14, 2011

An Update

I suppose for those few souls out there who actually follow my blog, you are probably wondering if and when I will ever update again. Plenty has been happening and occasionally I think to myself, I should blog about that, but I simply don't get around to it.

After reading other blogs, I am somewhat challenged to make sure the stories I tell and the people I mention are not blogged about in an unfriendly and hostile sort of way. I want my blog to be free of that and yet I want to tell stories from work. How do I do that and not risk offense? I will do my best and please if you are ever offended feel free to tell me.

After having said all that, I don't plan to blog about work, because I am at work and should be getting busy again. The secretary left the country and so I am trying to fill that role. I won't say more about my possible inefficiency to her efficiency because she does occasionally read this and I don't want to burst her ego. In my defence though, I do more nursing stuff still than she does. So there's my plea for inefficiency.

The newest additons to our family comes in the form of 8 squealing, whiny puppies. For those of you who know our dog, a pug, a litter of 5 is a nice amount for her, but no that is not good enough and so she pops out 8 little puppies. So far they seem to be doing okay, but we have got the puppy milk replacer and the bottles out on the cupboard and we or I should say Dave bottle feeds these little puppies for fear they may not get enough nourishment and die. At night, we close our bedroom door and barricade it with a robe to try and prevent the whininess from stealing our sleep. He still is awakened by Mocha's frantic raking at the door of her cage to get out. He did miss a good portion of a night's sleep playing delivery boy. I slept in peace both nights!!!!

Well, I better move on.

Big Trucks Getting the Job Done Together, Illustrated by Sergio De Giorgi

A dozer, a digger, a crane and a dump truck work together to get the job done. Written in rhyme, it reminds me a bit of the book "L...