Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is that Your Name?

Funny story from work today: this Amish man was coming in with his daughter for an appt. This is the same Amish man who had a discussion with someone from Nutri-Choice about whether the earth is round or flat. I guess in school he was taught that the earth was flat, so after discussing this for a bit, the Amish man concluded that he "guesses he will leave it in the Lord's hands." So today he comes in and I am listening to the baby's heartbeat and breathing with the stethoscope and I hear him asking how to say my name. I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or not, but after I finished we had a conversation that went a little like this:
Amish: That thing up there (pointing to my name tage clipped to my scrub) is that your name?
Me: Yep
A: How do you say your name?
Me: Aurelia
A: looks surprised: huh?
Me: Aurelia
A: stammers a bit and then "Well, that's okay to have that name."
Well thank you so much. My life is full and complete now because I now have your permission and blessing to have my name. Not like his daughter's name was ultra simple and plain, but hey whatever flies your kite.

There was no pie post for this week because we had a couple's supper Friday night and part of the activity was the guy had to make a pie with the wife only giving instructions. Her hands were tied behind her back. It was quite easy for me as D had made a pie a few weeks back and we could watch a few make them in front of us and were able to follow their technique as well. We struggled on the fancy edgings because I do it different from most people and I couldn't explain very well how to do it. But it was a yummy PB pie.

Maybe later this week I'll do another pie. We wil have to see.

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