Saturday, October 29, 2011

Random Sound Bites

While this is highly unusual for me to be posting two days in a row--I just feel the urge to write and so write I will. It's not like I have anything profound to say though, so be forewarned.

Why does it seem that all the drama and trauma seems to happen to one family? You want to cry out and say--really God how much can they take? Are you wanting them to learn something or are you trying to teach those around them how to be more Christlike? What are some ways You want us to reach out? In that respect, it has been good for us--we need to be more generous and caring and sharing. But for them? Haven't they gone through enough? Can't you just heal him and make him better right now? I know you have a plan, but..... Isn't that what you want to ask when you don't understand what is going on? I'm sure God has a plan and I want to trust as I continue to offer my husband's assistance.

But, in continuation, I did go help chore this morning. Yes, I did--got my bandana, jacket and shoes on and off I went. Stood in the nice moderately warm room and told D which calves haven't been drinking. Then had to go climb in a window in which you stand on a bucket on the outside and maneuver yourself up over the cement blocks and down the other side. I highly recommend pants for such an endeavor, especially when you are short like me. The cement is not that forgiving. Then I helped fill buckets with grain to feed the hungry calves. So, yes I did help. And I do plan to go back tonight and I might go dust in the house while D chores, but I plan to help. It helps me feel better about delegating other responsibilities if I at least help with chores and feel like I am REALLY helping. And each time I think about it, I am so thankful for a healthy husband. So, take a moment to thank God for good health--it is not something to be taken for granted.

I want to go on the Mercy Ships. I have been reading a blog on someone's experiences there and it just gives me an urge. It was something I had thought about doing in the past and reading her blog brings the niggling thought back to mind. And yet, I know, that at this juncture in our lives, that is not going to be happening, but it's a nice thought. It was also a little weird to look at a partial group picture she had posted of some of the girls/nurses? on board the ship and see a girl who I am sure was my preceptor when I did part of my nurse's training. The timing fits as well. The picture was taken in 2008 and I did my training in 2007 and I remember her talking about how she was going to go on a mercy ship. I wish I knew for sure it was her, but I am fairly positive.

I also want to be lazy today, but I have things to do--my house needs a good cleaning for one. So I am going to go get off my seat and go set the timer for 55 minutes and I am going to clean like furious for that long and see how much I get done and then I might allow myself a 10 minute break. I'm weird like that--I like to set timers for how long I work at a project. I think it makes the job seem more attainable. I do that in the evenings when I am home alone. 55 minutes for sewing on a quilt, 55 minutes for crocheting my dishcloths, 55 minutes for working on my craft show stuff, etc. etc. Then I take 10 minute breaks in there to do something different. It helps me to get more variety in my life, I guess. So you can think it's weird, but if it works for me then I would appreciate you keeping your guffaws to a minimum. Thank you very much.

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  1. love the 55 minutes thing! While I didn't guffaw, I smiled. I don't think it's weird, it's smart. I could learn from that.


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