Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A New Job Description

I have changed jobs apparently.  I don't know how it happened or what caused it.  I'm not even sure if it is exciting even.  It was definitely unintentional.

Last week, we had a couple there to have a baby---uneducated would be a nice description for them.  No classes, no clue.  The grandma was along and she wasn't much better for knowledge.  It could have been a frustrating or a humorous day.  I chose to make it humorous.

Questions like: is the cord around the neck--is that what is keeping the baby from being born?  Can't you just pull the baby out?

Google-eyed staring with a rather shell shocked look for a lot of the time by the new dad.  I really felt somewhat sorry for them because I think they were completely unprepared for the dramatic arrival of their little boy.  I have a feeling their plan was to show up at midnight like they did and have the baby about an hour or two later with minimal pain and discomfort.   The grandma remained somewhat convinced that surgery might be needed to deliver this child because that is the way their people often do--that was a new one for me.  (I think it may be because when they do go to the hospital it can be pretty serious, though this lady had had a couple of hospital deliveries with no surgery, but she had also had surgery)  They brought no food for their 17 hour stay.

Anyway, finally about 15 minutes before they were to leave, we discovered that they really hadn't gotten a driver like they had been told to, so I got on the job to find them a ride home.  Giving them a number of a lady who does some driving, he called her, but then he told her that he needed to ask the "waitress" a question.  He wanted to know how many people would be going home.  Umm, excuse me?  How many did you bring with you?  That same number plus your baby, who had no car seat by the way.

So I'm a waitress, huh?  Maybe instead of delivering food, I help deliver babies.  Rather than cleaning up food messes, I clean up bloody messes; in exchange for tips, I take thank yous. (There have also been the rare, but much appreciated money and chocolate tips as well).  I suppose that is a fair trade.  I will continue to be the best "waitress" I know how to the people I meet every day.

In some ways, this would seem like an easier job description--I think of a waitress as someone who sees someone for just a couple minutes and then moves on; I think of a nurse as someone who is there to give to those that are hurting.  Now, if there are any waitresses reading this--I do not intend for a minute to degrade your job or imply that you never touch a life--I am sure you do; possibly even without realizing it.  But for the purpose of my illustration just bear with me.  When life seems more than I can handle, let me just be a waitress with minimal contact with my customers.  Somedays I feel capable of pouring my life out into others, but there are days when making it through the day is about all I can do and needy people stretch and tug and pull me out of proportion.  God's strength is what enables me to make it through the day.  Let me rest on Him and allow Him to be my Great God of all Comfort.

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