Sunday, December 12, 2010

We Would See Jesus

We would see Jesus
Said the Greeks one day
We've heard so much about Him
We've come to the Temple to pray

We would see Jesus
Is still repeated today
Be we want Him on our terms
Without taking time to pray.

We would see Jesus
As a God of love and delight
Who always forgives our wrongs
And is quick to make everything right.

We would see Jesus
But what does this really mean?
He's a God of terror and love
Who wants to make us clean.

We would see Jesus
We must come at His call
Not simply asking forgiveness
But completely giving our all

We would see Jesus
But do we know how much He hates
When we whine and complain and disobey
And then say His love makes it right

We would see Jesus
Yes, I will see Him someday
But til then I must follow His law
And always Him trust and obey.

Last night we read in our devotions about the Greeks wanting to see Jesus and it struck a chord. That combined with the messages we heard last weekend on being second-mile Christians. We want to claim God's love and mercy and that is great, but we forget that God is a God of terror as well. He doesn't like when we change His rules to make them fit our agenda better. We overlook it and say it's okay--I'm not really doing anything wrong. But when we look at in the eternal perspective, it is really worth it?

In other news, we are enjoying our second snow day. Yesterday, all the caroling stuff was cancelled and today church has been cancelled. Dear D has been out all morning plowing snow and trying to find the steers amidst all the snow drifts. He came in once for a coffee warm up. I think I should just bundle up and go see what it really is like out there, but I am almost too chicken. We will be going out in it this aft to go do some caroling. Maybe I can just wait until then. But now the breakfast enchiladas are calling for attentions.

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