Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Do's and Dont's of a Doctor's Office

1. It is Dr. S not just S. If you want to shorten it go with Doc, not just the last name. It seems so crude. The secretary threatens to have the patient hold so she can go throw up when someone does this.
2. It is a Prescription, not a subscription. A prescription is medication that you get at a pharmacy, a subscription is often a magazine that comes through the mail.
3. It is Lyme disease not Lymes. There is no plural.
4. It is perfectly okay and welcome really to shower before you come to your doctor's appt. In fact, the nurse would way rather have to spray away the smell of your strong perfume/cologne than the smell of your few weeks old BO.
5. Appointments are not only prefferred, they are required. I know we will work you in in an emergency, but please for all other things, make an appointment first.
6. It is not okay to ask questions about the patient that was just in or your friend who came in last week. While we would love to discuss this with you, the government has put harsh controls on these things and forbids us to discuss these things with you. And while we are much more lenient that some areas, it is still not okay to ask.
7. You may ask how old we are or even if we are married, but do not ask if we are Dr. S's wife.
8. Singing along with the music is acceptable. The staff enjoys a small smile while you do it, but please we would rather you do that, then grump about life.
9. Twin nephews mean just that; you don't have to ask the gender. It was specified. Though it sounds just like something I would do.
10. If your appt. is at a certain time, be there at that time. Don't show up a half hour late, esp if you appt was the last one of the day and you were emphatically told to be there at 4:00.

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