Thursday, June 2, 2011

This and That

Tonight feels like I should blog, but I feel like maybe I have nothing to blog about. I just read and now can feel relatively uninspired. I like to think maybe I can write, but then I read hers and feel woefully inadequate and yet inspired to try a little more.

I don't know that I'm trying tonight. In case you are still wondering I did get pies 12 and 13 done. It was Eva's Rhubarb Pie and a Chocolate Fudge Pecan Pie. Both were quite delicious. I love rhubarb pie. Now I realize I may be in the minority with that sentiment, but it is true. Rhubarb and me go way back. Way back to those summers when it seemed like everything we ate was rhubarb.

On to other things, my mom and sister came today and helped me finish the garden. What a great feeling. Now to begin the weeding. So discouraging, but if only I can look ahead to the harvesting, maybe it won't seem quite so bad. When I am out weeding, then is the time to wonder why Eve ever ate the fruit. Do you ever wonder that? Wonder what our lives would be like if she hadn't eaten, hadn't yielded to a snake of all things? Personally, I think someone else would have messed up. If we didn't have the freedom of choice, what would be the point of living. Wouldn't we be operating like robots then? Or would there have been levels of love we could have offered, but if it wouldn't have been the best love, wouldn't it have been good and bad choices. Okay, I realize these are really irrelevant questions and purely hypothetical, but somewhat interesting to ponder. But how did I get from my garden to here.

I'm with Lucy, wondering if my grubby-looking flower pots will ever produce things of beauty. My sis gave me a gerbera daisy and now that makes me smile. Nothing like a big old bright flower peering at you to brighten up your day.

I could post pictures of our vacation in New York with D's family if I wouldn't have left the camera card at home in the computer. GRRR!!! But I might post a few pics from our time in Iowa at the Mast Reunion. Might being the operative word here as pics and I on this blog have our struggles. So this is what happens when you let the computer outsmart you. The pics were all at the top, all totally out of position so I gave up.

Good bye.

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