Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pies 8, 9, and 10

You may wonder what happened to the pie plan. I'll tell you what happened. Life happened and there hasn't been time for pies. These three pies that are following were made the third weekend in March and taken to carry in. Well, only 2 were eligible for carry-in. The blueberry pie wasn't big on getting thick until we cooked the tar out of it. That is a fancy way of saying I kind of forgot about it in the oven until it looked a little well done. The reason the pic looks so nice is the pie was still in it's more runny form when I took the picture. Cream Banana Pecan Pie from Taste of Home. This was very yummy. I wasn't at all sure about it, but it has a really good pecan crust, then a layer of bananas, then a layer of cream cheese filling, then a pudding layer, and then cool whip. It was my favorite of the three.

Blueberry Pie from the Basics and More, I think. This was good, but like I already mentioned I baked it a little long on its second go around so it looked a little dark.

Pink Lemonade Pie also from the Basics and More. One of the easiest pies ever. It takes pink lemonade, sweetened condensed milk and coolwhip. I think maybe there was one other ingredient. I added food coloring so it looks pink. It was really quite good.

So there you have, my pies continue. I take no responsibility for any thing that sounds weird on this post. I feel a little drugged right now. Taking a nap in the aft has a way of doing that to me, but little sleep during the night has a way of making a person take a nap in the afternoon. Lets just say I'm ready for a little baby break right now.

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