Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Latest Craze

I wonder: is it really worth it to make sure the Title goes with whatever is going to be discussed below it. Wouldn't the non-going-together part of it make it more modern. Kind of like the art you see now and then that makes no sense and I wonder why I don't throw some paint at a canvas and call it medieval wonderings or some other such name.

I am currently at work and I believe we have officially entered harvest season. The place is dead today. I have been waiting for it to happen for about the last 2 months, so it's been a little delayed in coming. I am not sure it is going to last that long either. I have off the next two days and Friday looks busy, so yay for me. I should be occupied the next time I work.

So I am sure you are all wondering what my latest craze is. It is this great new website that my friend, Jo, told me about. It has the yummiest looking food on it with readily available ingredients. Nothing high falutin' about it. Yummy things like French bread, no-bake Oreo cheesecake, and other such sundry things. Now, I haven't actually made anything from this web site yet, but I want to. Oh, I definitely plan on it. Actually I would like to go through and make everything on the web site. Well, most everything anyway.

In other news, I have been working on cleaning out the garden. I pulled out a basket load of buttercup squash and guords today. Tomorrow is pizza sauce day and hopefully chopping onions and celery and all such fun things. Then the day after that will be finishing the garden, planting garlic and pulling flowers. Hopefully also I will have time to do some baking. I have some pumpkins that are begging to be made into pumpkin pie, pumpkin cinnamon rolls and pumpkin whoopie pies if I can find a recipe. Oh, that website has a yummy looking recipe for pumpkin cobbler as well. But we will have to see how much time my day has.

Well, our evening patients are arriving and I had better get moving on.

I bet you all are wishing I would give you the web site: here it is. I would do one of those blue thingy linky thingies, but as I told my boss today, I am technologically challenged. But I want to learn how, so maybe I will find a self-help book that will explain it. So I came back to try and do one of those nifty things, but I'm not sure it's working.

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