Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Okay, I just had a post done in which I had pictures posted and everything. I went to publish it and it said there was a conflict and I needed to hit the back button the browser. I did and ended up with a blank screen.

I had my Pie No. 6 & 7 and pics of the quilt I had made, the azalea D bought me and our naughty puppies. So please feel free to imagine any or all of the above. They were lovely, even though the pics didn't do justice anyway.

Pie No. 6 was a Coconut Cream Meringue Pie that was wonderful. Pie No. 7 was an Old-Fashioned Custard Pie that was exactly the opposite. While having a nice texture, it had an odd taste. I don't know if it was the nutmeg flavor or if it took on a flavor in the fridge. It will be food for the pigs, I believe.

Anyway, that is all. I struggled to get these pics uploaded in the first place and I have no intentions of trying again. I am off to make stuffed animals. Hopefully, my sewing machine will not talk about editing conflicts.

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