Friday, June 25, 2010

My Week

So here's a small recap of my week. I'm not sure why I'm doing this, except I think to emphasize what I did with a lot of my spare time this week. Okay, maybe not a lot of my spare time, but some of it.

Sunday: stayed home from church due to cough and bad nose. This caused everyone to assume I was PG. It's ridiculous the way people jump to conclusions. Okay, maybe not everyone assumed this, sounds so much better to say everyone. Oh and my dad came to spend a couple days helping D on the barn.

Monday: I worked, then in the evening I browsed the great world wide web for canning recipes. More like I browsed for some of their recipes.

Tuesday: I worked all day from 8:30 to about 9:45 helping a mother labor her child into the world. Let's say, she had a lusty voice and made the comment that she often has a sore throat after delivery. I understand why.

Wednesday: I weeded the garden for a little in the morning until I decided that ankle deep and beyond in the mud might be just a little wet. I lazed the rest of the day away, making a list of things I want to can this summer/fall and how many of each thing. The evening was girls' club.

Thursday: I worked and when I got home I weeded the garden for a while. It was less muddy this time.

Today: I worked and when I got home I weeded the garden for a while again. It had dried enough finally that I could get to the rest of my onions and chinese cabbage/dill, but when I attacked some of the potatoes, the dirt came out with the weeds and so I stopped and then it started to rain. So presently I am typing out this blog post with one very used and dirty-looking hand and one nice and prim hand. See, when I weed, I can only have one hand dirty. There is little else worse to me than having dried-dirt-stained hands.

Tomorrow: I am, Lord willing, going to clean up this very messy house and then if it doesn't rain too much tonight I am going to attack the rest of the garden and hope to complete the initial weeding. Weeding is so disheartening--I haven't even finished the first round and round 2 is merrily popping its head around and laughing me in the face for even thinking I could adjourn to the house with a good feeling of a garden well weeded. I am thinking of only doing it once and giving up, but the joy of a clean garden is overtaking me and knowing that the more weeds I pull, the less there should be growing back, unless of course I only pull the tops which happens sometimes and then that is not good and this has become a very long run-on sentence that is rather bad.

Well, I must go. D might want the Internet and I want to read some before going to bed. I was thinking that there was some other note-worthy thing that I wanted to make note of. Yes I remember now. SOMEONE HAS POSTED A COMMENT ON MY SITE!!!!! ACTUALLY THERE WERE 2 COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was exciting to me. Thanks Faye.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thoughts on thoughts

Now that is a dramatic Title. I bet no one knows what is going to come under this post. Well, that is true, because even I am not sure what all I am going to post. It's going to be more random here and I will try not to take half the post to tell you how random this will be.

So the secretary and I at work are coming up with a new business--selling T-shirts. Somehow, I think we will have to branch out beyond our normal customer base and get out of our comfort zone. But these will be medical specific shirts. The main color will be blue and pink, I guess and then in white or black words across the front, it will say, "GOT LYME?" and below that will be a picture of a little tiny tick or a bulls eye rash. Seriously, that is the rage right now. Even if your tests come back negative, I am sure you still have Lyme. And it is always Lyme or Lyme disease, never Lymes. Even, when the most liberal lab out there says your test is negative; if the ever-present chiropractor says you have Lyme, then you surely must and couldn't you just get the antibiotics without the testing? Yes, I realize Lyme is very prevalent out there these days. My niece has picked over 70 ticks off of herself this year already; but it is only the little tiny deer ticks that will cause Lyme and only a small majority of them will

So here are some brief facts on Lyme.
- If the tick has been on you for over 24 hours, your chances are greater for catching Lyme, but it is not conclusive evidence in itself.
- If you have a nice bulls-eye rash on your body, that is a good sign
- If you start getting some fever; not feeling well, some migrating joint pain, etc. and you had a known tick bit, you might have Lyme
- If the test comes back positive, you have Lyme
- Antibiotics are the only way to get rid of Lyme, (I know this would create cause for discussion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that is my belief. You may mess with natural methods and maybe find one that works-that is your belief)

I hope that has been an eye-opening experience for some of you non-readers out there about Lyme disease.

I do have one follower now, so that is nice. Thank you Jo. I am debating letting my Tuesday group know about it. I will have to see when I write my email today.

Another class I am considering starting is a speech class. I would like to instruct children over the age of 10 and some young adults that when you are spoken to, you reply. When I am asking a question about your health and I am looking directly at you, I mean for you to answer. I don't want to look at your mom and let her answer; I want you to answer. I mean, it is a fairly straight forward question. And you are old enough to realize that even though I am a stranger and a little strange on top of it that you must still answer.

Gardening: I love gardening, I have decided. Even now, when the weeds are taking over and the rain keeps coming down, I like the garden. Or should I say, I like to plan the garden and plan the crops and everything. I am working on making a list of all the kinds of things I would like to can this fall or try with my produce. Things like caramelized onions, candied jalepenos, etc. I like to try new things; it broadens one's horizons. On a side note, I pulled a really big radish out of my garden last night; that was fun. Next year, Dave says we are having a greenhouse and then I want to start all kinds of flowers and maybe have some hot house tomatoes. The ones in our house produced okay, but I don't want them overtaking my house again.

Puppies: one mass of whiners. Oh my, if I would be at home today, something would have to happen. I would have to make a pen outside or something. Those little guys are sooooo spoiled and think they have to be outside of their box. So here is what they do: they stretch on their back feet and put their heads over the box and go whine, whine, yip, yip, whine, whine, yip, yip over and over and over again. Then they fall into a blessed sleep after exhausting their voice boxes only to continue the story when they wake up. But soon they will be gone and I think I will kind of miss them. They are terribly cute. There are only 2 left to sell and someone is coming tonight and the people that came last night are still thinking about it, I think. It seemed they were 50/50. They wanted a dog just like the one they have that is 11 years old and I don't think they will find it; plus our males are so identical that they couldn't tell a difference to pick one out.

Well, I am somewhat running out of thoughts to think about. Not that my brain is so shallow as that I just am not sure what to think about on paper or in this case on screen; so I will go for now.


Monday, June 21, 2010


Friends are the flower of life. I know that is a trite comment, but they really do brighten up my life. I have many friends; but a few really close ones, and they are just special to me in so many ways.

Why the dialogue on friends? Well, because the other night Linwood and Jo and Raquel stopped in for a few hours on their way back from Stevens Point. It was such a great evening. Dave and I were so glad they went out of their way and stopped in to see us. We both enjoyed the evening so much. Thanks guys for doing this. It was a spur of the moment spontaneous visit that was just such a blessing. I felt revived and ready to finish out my week.

The night before, my sister had been there overnight and I got to spend some good time with her as well. So all in all, it was a great week.

Oh, and let me not forget to mention 2 good phone calls with 2 other friends. I really did have a "friendly" week. I love those kind and can't wait to hang out with 3 of my best friends in person next month.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The puppies are getting bigger. Now, I realize there are strong feelings on either side of the debate for whether pug dogs should be allowed an existence or not. There does not appear to be too much ambivalence on the subject. If you are of the class of people that fail to appreciate pug puppies, then I would suggest you just back out of this site and go look at something more to your liking. If you would like to find it in your heart to appreciate the cute little things then scroll down and enjoy the pictures. They are in no way professional, but they show a small amount of what the puppies are like now. You can overlook the fact that one day these puppies will be full grown and if they are like their mother will destroy the house if the owners decide to leave for the day and leave her penned in. I have no idea; why, when they have the whole kitchen to themselves, a mother pug must break through the barriers built for her protection and go into the living room and bathroom to do her business. It makes no sense to me, but then I am not a pug either.

All brand new, May 12, 2010. So very tiny and whiny.

They are 5 weeks old today. I think these are the 3 boys. Fighting, that's what they love to do. They will growl and fight with each other.

I believe the one on the left is the little whiner. He will stand on his hind legs and stretch way up so he can see over the box and then will whine and whine and whine.

The two girls; the one on the left is Dave's favorite and the right one is one jolly, little puppy. She is friendly and fun-loving like her dad.

These puppies are 5 weeks old today and are getting very good at fighting, playing and whining. They are able to stand on their hind feet and see over the top of their box. Now that it is a little nice out, we need to take them outside and let them experience a little sunshine and grass. I believe the one in the middle is the littlest female and Dave's favorite.
So there is a glimpse of our little "family." If you would like to purchase one of these, please let us know. They will make a great addition to your family--every boy and girl needs a little pug puppy to grow up with. They are quite friendly and can bark fiercely at visitors, though all it takes is a little petting to make them mellow out and love you for always.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Tuesday. Tuesdays are wonderful days because I get the whole morning at home to catch up on stuff there. And I did get some stuff accomplished this morning:
- Bran muffins made and they turned out very yummy
- Granola made and nearly done
- Last load of laundry is in the washer
- After the granol is done, I am off to fold laundry and then to sew.

I enjoy sewing, but not just any kind of sewing. I'm not a big fan of sewing clothes, though I don't mind it if everything goes well. I like to sew quilts; they may be more challenging in some respects, but much easier in others.

I've been pondering this thing of stillness and quietness. I read a part of a verse in Psalms that has stuck out to me. "I have stilled and quieted my soul..." Do I do that? Not on a real regular basis, I don't. I get too busy doing other things that are not near so important as resting and being still before God. How do I change my habits? It's not going to be easy, but I want to take the time to be still and to rest in God, to take the time to pray, and to be still and listen for Him to speak to me. I believe if I would take the time to do this, I would be amazed how much more energy and time I would have for the things that do need to get done. God is faithful and He will give me strength as I trust Him one day at a time.

Another purpose of this site will be to share nuances and stories from life. Now, I will try to be very careful not to in any way endanger anyone's privacy. I would not wish for that to happen, so names and places and ages may be changed to hide identity.

At some point, I want to post some pictures of our puppies, but to post the most recent ones, I would need to put my SD card into the computer and this computer has an attitude. It only allows one thing at a time to be plugged in and since I have the cord for the Internet plugged in, I am out of luck. Such are the ways of technology:(:(

Ta Ta

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm back again. I am not feeling overwhelmingly newsy, but am feeling the urge to write something, just anything. I think it has to do with the new thing. When you have something new, you want to use it or see it. For instance, I bought a keyboard back on black Friday. I played that keyboard all the time for the first few days; now I play it on Sunday mornings for a few minutes. I really do need to play it more. I enjoy playing it; but the newness has worn off. So, bear with me, but I'm sure in a few days, the newness will have worn off of this blog too and then I will rarely post.

I must figure out how to use it though. I thought I had a profile picture posted, but can't find it anywhere. I wrote some little ditty about myself and it didn't show up anywhere. Oh dear, what shall I do? I guess I must take the time and figure out what is going on, or just be content with not having a picture or explanation on here. But things like that bug me really bad. I like to know how to do stuff and not just leave it alone because I don't know what I am doing. It's a predicament, I know. I'm going to be in a bigger predicament if I don't go now and get back to my job.

Ta Ta

Saturday, June 12, 2010



You may ask the question; "Why are you doing this?" The answer to that is, "I'm not sure." So here I am; I have just created a blog for myself. At this point, nobody knows I did this; nobody, but myself and God, and I'm not totally sure why I did this yet. I like to write; I like to journal; I like to put my thoughts down on paper. Why did I pick the world wide web? Maybe someday I want to have a famous blog where many people are hounding it daily to read what new brilliant idea I have come up with in the last 24 hours. But, to do that, I will need to tell someone about my blog. I told my husband I might do one; does that count?

So, until that time in the future when I branch out and tell the world that I have a blog, I will come on here and chronicle some of the journey life and God are taking me on and no one will know. I kind of like that idea; though I am sure at some point I will want to tell people. It's kind of like Facebook and Xanga; it's a way to keep up with friends around the globe that you wouldn't call or email or have any other form of communication with.

So there you have it; some mindless ramblings on why I have set up this blog. I hope to see it include pictures, thoughts, ideas, cooking, and what all have you. It's set up by a random mind who lives on a gravel road and is surrounded by dust and manure; so you will never know what will come forth here.

Now before I close this rambling introductory first post, let me say this: I love my life. It's a great life and I am blessed beyond measure. But now I need to go and mow the lawn. Country folk have lawns to mow and ours seems to have the best growing rate in the county. Think more hayfield and you may have an accurate mental picture.

So long to no one.

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