Saturday, February 19, 2011

Change of Plans

So life or babies have a way of turning your plans upside down. I had been struggling to get enthused about making food for our church fellowship meal tomorrow. Finally, thought I had it narrowed down to a hotdish concoction of meat on the bottom, then some sliced potatoes, cheese sauce, then veggies and then cheese across the top. You know it's a requirement for all good church hotdishes to have cheese on them. Anyway, this was my own made up thought because everything I wanted to make needed the oven and our group at church has a tendency to do oven dishes and then we run out of oven room. So that was going to be the main dish and then I was going to make a Coconut Cream Meringue Pie and a Old-Fashioned Custard Pie in keeping with my pie tradition.
But instead, I am here at work. The roasts that I put in the crock pot this morning are at home merrily cooking away and I am just hoping they are not burning to a crisp or drying out to some chewy leather. The Pies? Well, I don't know. I had changed my mind about the pies because I realized I couldn't put anything in the oven because I didn't know when I would have to go to work. So I bought some stuff and was thinking of making Pink Lemonade Pie. But who knows? I never made it home yet. It's 2:30 in the afternoon, the lady is in the very early stage of labor and doesn't want any unnatural assistance. So maybe we will just come home for lunch tomorrow because I won't have gotten anything made. Now, if someone would bring me a pie plate, some graham crackers, and a recipe; maybe I could make the Pink Lemonade Pie. I have 2 cans of concentrate and 3 cool whips here. What kind of dessert could I make with that? I suppose there won't be any fresh frozen yogurt or pizza for supper either at this point.

Now, I realize that last paragraph sounded rather whiny; I don't mean it to. This is my life and I love it. I enjoy helping bring babies into the world. Granted, I would like to do it on my time table rather than this more unknown time schedule; but this is what I have chosen and I will enjoy it. Time and a half, after all.

How involved is God in the little things? By a random notion, I suggested to Dave that we do Subway for lunch. I had to go to Marshfield to take some lab work into the clinic there; we caught lunch in Spencer and as I was getting gas I got the call to come to work. I was much closer this way and I also got a good meal in. Dave is also working this afternoon, so we aren't missing quality family time. And God is a Great Provider.

Speaking of family time: we don't really have any anymore. I work day shifts like normal people; at least I normally do. Dave works evenings from 6-10. I'm about falling asleep til he gets home about 10:30 or 11. We speak a few words and then fall asleep; dragging myself out in the morning in time to leave for work at 8. If I am really industrious, I will even make breakfast. This isn't every night, but about 3-4 out of a week. While being very grateful that Dave has work, the evenings can get just a bit long by the time 9 or 9:30 comes around.

Okay, well I suppose I better move on to a new project before everyone gets tired of reading this long epistle. Almost wish I would have brought my book, but I suppose I can try to finish reading a profitable book I have here to read that would potentially assist me in my nursely duties.

Farewell to you all and hope your afternoon is lovely.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I suppose you can also tell that I have no talent for nice posts either. I think they change their looks from when I finish typing them to when I post them. But again, why apologize? I guess it's my site isn't it? Have a lovely day.

Pies 4 & 5

Well, the pies have returned after missing last week. If I don't get the crust figured out better, I will soon be skipping that part and just having the filling. Three pieces for one pie is a little much, but I got it in there and bake and it didn't shrink too bad. Then you put the filling on and nobody knows how terrible it looked to start with.

Raisin Cream Pie
This is one of Dave's favorite; I am not a big fan and
I hope it tastes better to him than the little bite I took or
we will have our first pie flop.

Cranberry Cream Pie
I got this recipe from my sister last night and
decided it would make a nice pink pie for
Valentine's. Yes, this picture was taken in the freezer.
Please don't look around. This filling tasted very yummy.
Can't wait to try it. And yes, I know to take nice yummy
food pictures, I should have a piece of pie out on a really nice plate
and not use my orange-pink countertop or my freezer for the back
drop. I also should have a camera whose lens opens the whole way.
But I'm not a professional photographer, though someday when I grow
up I think I would enjoy doing some photograhpy. Until that, deal with it
or don't visit my site.

So that was my morning, along with thoroughly burning
a cooking pot while trying to make evaporated milk. But I
got the milk made, though I reduced it a bit too long and it was almost a
chunk of milk, but I am hoping it will be okay. So at 1:00 I get to put this
mixture into an ice cream freezer and frozen vanilla yogurt here we come.
I can't wait. If this turns out and I can keep it in the freezer and it stays
reasonably well, my days of buying ice cream may be coming to a stop.
Well, probably not a stop, but a much reduced speed. Though, that would be
almost a stop beings I hardly ever buy ice cream. Did you need to know all that?
I don't think so.

I also tried to clean my stove that had received a huge amount of stew on it's
bottom the other day. I decided it would be better to endure the smell for awhile
and burn it off. So if you come to my house soon, you will get to smell burnt stew.
But when I go to clean it again it will hopefully come off with a simply spray of oven
cleaner, soaking for 2 hours and a swish of the rag.

Now I must be off. A dress and a sewing machine, a chair and a book are eagerly
awaiting my arrival. I will not say in which order i am going to do them either.
If you are looking for some good books to read, I recommend Angels in the ER and
Angels on Call by Dr. Lesslie. Very interesting reads--you may want to have some interest
in all things medical, but either way I think you will be stirred by what you read. You may laugh and cry and wonder at the world but they are rather captivating. Tony Dungy writes some good books as well. Okay, enough of being a book analyst--I just want to go read them.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello to everyone,

I am having a nice? quiet evening at home. Dave is off working for the 4th night in a row. I went with him one night and realized I don't do much physical labor. After about 4 hours of putting stringers into the pallet machine and also trying to help with the pallets a little, I was a little sore. So tonight, I am at home. Going to go sew on a dress for Valentine's shortly. Feeling really, really lazy.

Here are some pics from last weekend. So much fun; I wish I knew why they have to upload directly backwards, but I guess we will start from the end of the weekend and go backward. I don't have that many anyways.

Devynn sleeping peacefully on the couch while the fans started to gear up for the big one.

We babysat Jaedon and Kelsie Saturday night for awhile. Jaedone was trying out his ability to stand on his hands and then was blowing marshmallows with his marshmallow gun he had made.

Dave and Jaedon playing checkers

Kelsie and I worked on some puzzles. She loves to put puzzles together and is really quite good for only 3 and a half. This is the one that Grandma Mast sent along out with us.

Devynn once again sleeping. He did have moment when he was awake, but I guess I didn't capture any of them.



These are pics I took of our puppies just before we left so I could show them to J and Kelsie and completely forgot to show them. You can see how little our runt is. He is doing better. Maybe being called Jacob has improved his self-esteem. He struggled a little while we were gone, but seems to be growing, so very, very slowly.

Some of the overweight, fussy puppies. They already are whiny little pugs; I don't even want to imagine what it is going to be like in the next 3 weeks. If all my next post shows is a big AWWWWWWW!!!!! you know what happened. I have tipped off the deep end into the wild side.
And now I must go; some clothes to fold, dress to sew, menus to plan, books and magazines to read.
But just one last question: What are you making for Valentines this year?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good morning,

I was going to post a little story from yesterday at work on here, but I can't get this thing to copy and paste and I don't feel like retyping it, so unless I can get it to work in the next few minutes, you are all out of luck. But, I finally figured out how to do it, so here it is:

We also had a newlywed couple come trompsing in yesterday, in which, I think, the husband was quite sure at any moment his wife was going to keel over and collapse and be gone. He rushed her in from the car, carrying her and put her on the wheelchair Kerra had out, raced through the waiting room into an exam room and was ready to deposit her gently on the table, when I said she had to leave a urine sample first, beings that is why she was coming in. But she was supposedly in so much pain and the husband didn't know if she could and she didn't know if she could, but I said that we really need it and the only other option was to put her on the table and then make her get up again, so we proceeded to the bathroom, where I showed them what to do and they didn't listen, but he is heeve hoing her up and pulling her dress up, when I was like, "Um if you could excuse me a bit, i could close this door." Then a few minutes later, I hear a frantic, "Maam, this is all I could get" and I am presented with a nice little cup of urine. No gloves; so I accept it gingerly and cringe. Anyway, all this lady had was a bad UTI. But the husband was one doting young man, kept hanging over her and everything. My boss and I kind of chuckled and Kerra kept saying, "you were newlyweds once too." Neither of us could quite imagine that scenario being repeated on us though. The lady in the waiting room got up and went out and closed the man's car door because he obviously wasn't going to go back and do it. I am trusting that today the lady is feeling much better and her pain has resolved and she is well on her way to healing. I can imagine how scary that would be if you are not sure what all is going on and your new wife is threatening to fait and puke and pass out. Plus you have the added drama of being married less than 2 months and not yet understanding completely how the other one ticks. I do have some sympathy for them.

Dorothy the link for the cream of mushroom soup recipe is here.

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