Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello to everyone,

I am having a nice? quiet evening at home. Dave is off working for the 4th night in a row. I went with him one night and realized I don't do much physical labor. After about 4 hours of putting stringers into the pallet machine and also trying to help with the pallets a little, I was a little sore. So tonight, I am at home. Going to go sew on a dress for Valentine's shortly. Feeling really, really lazy.

Here are some pics from last weekend. So much fun; I wish I knew why they have to upload directly backwards, but I guess we will start from the end of the weekend and go backward. I don't have that many anyways.

Devynn sleeping peacefully on the couch while the fans started to gear up for the big one.

We babysat Jaedon and Kelsie Saturday night for awhile. Jaedone was trying out his ability to stand on his hands and then was blowing marshmallows with his marshmallow gun he had made.

Dave and Jaedon playing checkers

Kelsie and I worked on some puzzles. She loves to put puzzles together and is really quite good for only 3 and a half. This is the one that Grandma Mast sent along out with us.

Devynn once again sleeping. He did have moment when he was awake, but I guess I didn't capture any of them.



These are pics I took of our puppies just before we left so I could show them to J and Kelsie and completely forgot to show them. You can see how little our runt is. He is doing better. Maybe being called Jacob has improved his self-esteem. He struggled a little while we were gone, but seems to be growing, so very, very slowly.

Some of the overweight, fussy puppies. They already are whiny little pugs; I don't even want to imagine what it is going to be like in the next 3 weeks. If all my next post shows is a big AWWWWWWW!!!!! you know what happened. I have tipped off the deep end into the wild side.
And now I must go; some clothes to fold, dress to sew, menus to plan, books and magazines to read.
But just one last question: What are you making for Valentines this year?

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  1. We went to Red Lobster for Valentines. Had a gift card. On Valentines we get to go to a funeral.
    Raisin Cream is Marv's favorite pie. I should give you my pie crust recipe but I'm to lazy to go find it now besides it is very early in the morning.
    Now all my sister's hav ebeen out lately to see Kevin. Boo-Hoo


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