Friday, January 14, 2011

An Update

I suppose for those few souls out there who actually follow my blog, you are probably wondering if and when I will ever update again. Plenty has been happening and occasionally I think to myself, I should blog about that, but I simply don't get around to it.

After reading other blogs, I am somewhat challenged to make sure the stories I tell and the people I mention are not blogged about in an unfriendly and hostile sort of way. I want my blog to be free of that and yet I want to tell stories from work. How do I do that and not risk offense? I will do my best and please if you are ever offended feel free to tell me.

After having said all that, I don't plan to blog about work, because I am at work and should be getting busy again. The secretary left the country and so I am trying to fill that role. I won't say more about my possible inefficiency to her efficiency because she does occasionally read this and I don't want to burst her ego. In my defence though, I do more nursing stuff still than she does. So there's my plea for inefficiency.

The newest additons to our family comes in the form of 8 squealing, whiny puppies. For those of you who know our dog, a pug, a litter of 5 is a nice amount for her, but no that is not good enough and so she pops out 8 little puppies. So far they seem to be doing okay, but we have got the puppy milk replacer and the bottles out on the cupboard and we or I should say Dave bottle feeds these little puppies for fear they may not get enough nourishment and die. At night, we close our bedroom door and barricade it with a robe to try and prevent the whininess from stealing our sleep. He still is awakened by Mocha's frantic raking at the door of her cage to get out. He did miss a good portion of a night's sleep playing delivery boy. I slept in peace both nights!!!!

Well, I better move on.

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  1. Hurray, an update...!! :) Well, I follow your blog and I check for updates. And you know me, I love your work stories... haha, and the family addition updates...


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