Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mother's Own
My quilt project of the last while. I was so ready to have this quilt done. It turned out quite nice but was full of lots of little squares that were sewn into triangles and well....It was quite time consuming. Again, not the best in photography, but that isn't one of my highlights. There actually are a few better pics of this quilt, but my camera wouldn't show me the pics when I wanted to upload, so I just guessed.

Pie a Week for a Year Project

Maybe I should start out with a before and after picture of the two of us, so you can see what this project cost us in terms of enlarged girth and new clothes. No, I don't honestly think it will be quite like that.

Last evening, D and I went on a walk and we were talking about pie for some reason and I made this comment about how I could probably make a different pie every week for a year and not duplicate. D seemed a little dubious, so I named as many as I could think of, which only amounted to about 28. But then I was on to a notion and for those of you who know me, when I get on to something I am driven by it until I get it taken care of. It's not the most useful processing of the brain I have, but it works at time. So when I came home, I grabbed 3 cookbooks and wrote down the months and projected 4 pies a month for the rest of year with a few as misc for when I need a different idea or have already made all my pies. Do I think I will actually get 50 pies made this year? I don't know, but I am going to give it my best effort to make a pie a week and never duplicate the kind. Now there might be 3 apple pies but they will all be a bit different.

Pie No. 1: Cherry Pie. Dave made one night when he made supper

Pie No. 2: Peanut Butter Pie. We had this one last Sunday for lunch. This has got to be one of the top of the line for pies.

Pie No. 3: Lemon Meringue Pie

Now, I am quite well aware of the poor quality of this photo and yes, I know, I should have added food coloring to make it look more lemony, but hey, I saved us a few chemicals this way. It was my first experience with meringue and I need a little practice, but was quite delighted with the way it turned out. I am not going to tell you how long this pie has been sitting around so therefore you won't know how much we ate at one time.

So that is the beginning of the pie contest. Maybe I will post pictures and make you guess what kind of pie it is or something. I won't make one next week because we are going to New York City and I am so excited!!!!!!!!

Good bye

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 123

Okay, I really want to do better at updating than I have been doing, but internet at home is a precious commodity, along with time and writer's inspiration and work isn't always the best place to do it. I am at work now becaue I came in for the weigh in in which not very many showed up and now I have time to kill until 1:00.

Project 1: Making Jerky. Has anyone ever made jerky? This was something D and I tried last year. (Wow, doesn't that sound like a long time ago?) It was December, I think. It is relatively easy and very good. Wow, I should make some more because it doesn't last long. It's a little gross if you think about the fact that it is basically raw meat dried, but I like to think of it as raw meat cooked at a very low temperature until it is dried. Give it a try if you have some old roast laying around that needs to be used because ice crystals are starting to infest their way into the innermost part of its being.

Project 2: Making yogurt. This I just tried on Saturday. I had no idea yogurt was quite so easy to make and so good. I remember homemade yogurt as being a little lumpy with a weird flavor. Mine is a little lumpy with clear congealed areas thanks to my impatience and thus stirring it to make sure it was getting thick because once you get to the bottom of the jar it is all nice and smooth. All you need is some milk and what do you know? Yogurt (for the whole live culture). It really makes sense in the whole reproductive scheme of things. Dogs create dogs, cows create cows, petunia seeds yield petunia plants, yogurt breeds more yogurt. Doesn't that just make sense? You have those two things, add some unflavored gelatin to keep it a little thicker, cook it for a bit to a certain temp and then bring it down to another certain temp and keep it that way for hours on end and PRESTO you have yourself some yogurt. Next time I am going to use flavored gelatin and add some fruit. Can't wait--I think I am going to try some more on Saturday.

Project 3: Homemade condensed cream of mushroom soup. This kind of came about because some of the weight loss ladies were asking for a healthier version of the boughten stuff, so I found a recipe I wanted to try and then searched a cookbook for a recipe that took cream of mushroom soup and then I made it. It turned out thick and yummy. You really could add any spices you want and instead of mushrooms you could add chicken for condensed cream of chicken soup or celery for condensed cream of celery soup and...well you get the idea. Now in the whole scope of things, the calories are about the same, but the fat is way decreased and i will need to check on the calories because that will vary based on what kind of milk you use. I'm thinking you could use skim milk, drop the calories and fat even further and still have a great taste. We will have to see. First, I would need to try and sneak skim milk in the house and then I will need to find enough uses for it so it doesn't go bad on me.

Project 4: Starter Friendship Bread. Yes, I dug it out of my freezer where it had been put many long months ago. Does anyone know? Will it still be good? I really like the bread and decided it was time to resurrect the started. So now it sits on my cupboard along with the puppy milk replacer and my egg cartons of flowers, which I suppose could lead to....

Project 5: Geraiums and Petunias. I started them last Tuesday morning and I am happy to report that at least some of them seem to be growing. The geraniums started sprouting and shooting less than 36 hours after I planted them. The petunias have been slowly coming. I am holding my breath. Last year I got about 5 plants out of 50 of these nice trailing petunias. So we are hoping for a better turnout. They have the life, warm (on top of the stove), moist environment. I have seen a few shockwave and some supercascade poking through and am hopeful the rest will follow. I believer it can take up to 2-3 weeks for them to germinate, so we will see.

That I believe may conclude the projects at hand unless you count the quilt I am working on or the patterns I bought a few weeks ago to make these cool crafty items or the dress i want to sew and of course there is laundry to finish and fold and iron and put away and then get out and wear and use and make dirty and wash again and on an on ad infinity. How does that go again?

Good day to you all

Friday, January 14, 2011

An Update

I suppose for those few souls out there who actually follow my blog, you are probably wondering if and when I will ever update again. Plenty has been happening and occasionally I think to myself, I should blog about that, but I simply don't get around to it.

After reading other blogs, I am somewhat challenged to make sure the stories I tell and the people I mention are not blogged about in an unfriendly and hostile sort of way. I want my blog to be free of that and yet I want to tell stories from work. How do I do that and not risk offense? I will do my best and please if you are ever offended feel free to tell me.

After having said all that, I don't plan to blog about work, because I am at work and should be getting busy again. The secretary left the country and so I am trying to fill that role. I won't say more about my possible inefficiency to her efficiency because she does occasionally read this and I don't want to burst her ego. In my defence though, I do more nursing stuff still than she does. So there's my plea for inefficiency.

The newest additons to our family comes in the form of 8 squealing, whiny puppies. For those of you who know our dog, a pug, a litter of 5 is a nice amount for her, but no that is not good enough and so she pops out 8 little puppies. So far they seem to be doing okay, but we have got the puppy milk replacer and the bottles out on the cupboard and we or I should say Dave bottle feeds these little puppies for fear they may not get enough nourishment and die. At night, we close our bedroom door and barricade it with a robe to try and prevent the whininess from stealing our sleep. He still is awakened by Mocha's frantic raking at the door of her cage to get out. He did miss a good portion of a night's sleep playing delivery boy. I slept in peace both nights!!!!

Well, I better move on.

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