Friday, October 28, 2011


So once again, I repeat myself in saying that by creating titles such as the above, I leave myself wide open to state whatever I want however I want in whatever order I want. Maybe I should also put a clause in too about using whatever grammar I want as well. There's definitely a reason I didn't major in English in school. I can identify a noun and possibly a verb. An adverb can be identified for sure only if it ends in -ly. But now that I write about it, it almost interests me to go back and learn it all over again.

I was going to do a post on femininity. I read a devotional on it and Modest Mom has been having some kind of 31 days on it or something. I really haven't figured out what she is talking about yet or how the series works. I guess I have figured out a little of what she was saying. Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts on femininity besides the fact that it has a lot of i's in it?

Right now doesn't seem to be the time to discuss such a weighty topic. I am at work on count down until 2:30. 2:30 you wonder? Yes, 2:30. Because at 2:30, I get to eat a donut. Not just any donut, but a Kwik Trip Glazers donut brought in by my coworker because she wasn't able to work this week. Oh, the donuts are chocolate covered, which wouldn't be my preference, but I now there are a lot of chocaholics out there who would love to have one like that.

Now really, how do you spell donut? Isn't donut as acceptable as doughnut? My spell check says donut is not okay, but donuts are. So which is correct? I am way too lazy to push my little thumb over to the mousepad and find a different screen to look up the correct spelling.

I am realizing that I have nothing of any import to say--just felt like blogging.

But I do have a new way of reading the eye chart. I had a patient reading the eye chart and apparently he had a momentary lapse of memory. He was reading across the line: F, L, O, P, Last letter of the alphabet, D. To say I controlled myself and looked as serene as ever would be a lie. I grinned; partly because I looked across at the secretary and she, being hidden from view of said patient, was grinning broadly. But hey, at least he knew where in the alphabet the letter came in.

When calling someone, do not say: "I know you don't want to hear from me again, but..." Truth is, what you are saying is probably true, but the receiving person cannot for professionality and kindness agree with you, but it does make for some awkward situations. You also don't want to lie and say, "Oh no, we love hearing from you." So just do us all the kindness and not mention your likeability or lack there of.

I have a Moroccan pork simmering the slow cooker at home. I am excited about it. I don't know how authentic it will taste, but I'm looking forward to trying it. I will also make some couscous to put the pork on. But I will break from authenticity and eat it with a spoon and not my fingers.

Well it is 2:29 and I am off to go prepare for my doughnut.


  1. So how was the Morrocan Pork? And the donut/doughnut?

  2. The doughnut was delicious. And I allowed the Morrocan Pork to transfer me back to Morocco. It wasn't near as authentic, but it did remind me of Morocco, especially with couscous.

  3. I know you don't want me commenting again, but...
    what makes Moroccan Pork moroccan? the spices?

    Femininity? It's not what it used to be.

  4. That would be my thought, Sharon, that it's the spices. Quite lovely it was though. Even D liked it.


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