Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Dad Part 4

What a day!  One that is likely good for every person to go through at some point but I sure wouldn’t suggest it.  It is no picnic!  But it does open your eyes to the difference people make and the need for community and how important it is to care about people and to stand by them during difficult times.

We left Dad’s room around 7:45 this morning.  The periodic reports we received were great and when we got word at 2:00 that the Doctor would soon be out because the surgery was done we all heaved a sigh of relief.  But when the Doctor was not out for an hour and a half we all began to silently get fidgety.  Does soon really take this long?

Finally after a brief update call again saying the Doctor would soon be out she arrived.  (Yes, his surgeon is a lady, she doesn’t look mighty until you look at her hands and then you see the strength.) But the news was not good.  She already had dad closed up from surgery but when they took him off the heart lung machine his heart went into arrest which means his heart stopped.  They quickly put him back on the machines but are concerned as there was no known reason for why this happened.  

Now it is nearly 5:00 and it has been 30 minutes since we last heard he came off the machine and was doing fine and the Doctor would soon be out but still we wait. And waiting gets REALLY long.  Especially after the last wait meant bad news.  You sit here and try to think the best but it doesn’t come very readily.  And it doesn’t help that we have only had meat and cheese (many thanks to Millers Store) since about 9:30 this morning and so we are feeling exhausted and anxious.  It makes for a very quiet group and then time just goes slower yet.

What does one do while you wait?  You received a few guests and are grateful.  Many thanks to Ken (Dad’s nephew) and Eric & Julia (who stayed for 7 or 8 hours).  When things begin looking up you play Qwirkle and laugh a bit and times goes much faster but then time drags when you know all is not well.  You also text and email and call and then you check your email, your facebook, and anything else you can think of where people just may say they are praying for you.  I want to say that you spend quality time praying but you don’t, instead you just thank God for all the people who are praying.

At 5:05 the Doctor finally returned.  They have Dad all closed up and things look good, but because of the way his heart stopped earlier the surgeon is still concerned and will keep a close eye on him through out the night.  We will be able to go and see him in about an hour and then the Doctor says go back to the motel and sleep, just keep a phone close by.

Thanks so much for praying and caring.  Don’t stop now.

Written by Vivian

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