Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Fine Piece of Chocolate by Jacqueline R. Banks

So, when I do book reviews, I always try to look for the best things in a book and focus on that.  I try to be kind and positive and minimize the negative, if possible.  To keep that policy, this review would be about two sentences if that, but I am asked to give my opinion, positive and negative and so I will try to do that is as kind of way as possible.

The theme of the book was a young girl going away to college and getting caught up with the wrong boy and all that happens from there.  I think the idea of the book was supposed to be redemption, but I will be honest: the book was extremely disjointed.  The grammar wasn't that great and there were numerous misspellings.  I have noticed that this is more prevalent in ebooks, so that might be why there were more mistakes here.  Bible verses were included in the book which was good, but then I also thought there was a little more explicit content than what was appropriate or necessary in a book that was supposed to be Christian.

I'm really not sure what else to say about the book; I would classify it for adult readers, but wouldn't recommend the book to anyone.  The only reason I finished it was because it was given to me by Book Look Bloggers with the understanding that I would read the whole book and write a review on it.  So I did.  All opinions expressed were my own.

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