Friday, April 24, 2015

My Dad

It's a routine procedure, right?  Just go in through the femoral artery, look at the heart vessels, double check the valve and be done.  And while you're in there, please put in a stent or two so we know the cause for the shortness of breath and chest pains and then our lives will be better than ever and we will continue on our merry way. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

If only--.

The cath was a routine procedure, it was done in an hour and the cardiologist came to talk to us, but alas, it is not as simple as a couple of stents.  Blockage at 85%, 80%, and 75%.  So now we are looking at quadruple bypass and a valve replacement.  It seems scary and it is, but we do know God is in control.  That can sound trite, but it's like the cardiologist said, "God has given you a lifeline."  And that is true.  This could have all been discovered through a heart attack, so we are grateful.

But if you think of my dad and mom and the doctors and nurses and the rest of our family in the next week, please pray.

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