Monday, April 27, 2015

My Dad Part 2

I'm a nurse, right?  I know a little of how hospitals function and the changes that can happen, but it is much easier to be on the nurse side trying to explain to the family why things are changing than to be on the family side trying to accept the changes.

When I last posted, Dad was supposed to be in the middle of surgery right now.  Instead, he was discharged from the hospital on Saturday, spent the weekend in a hotel and now today had a tooth pulled.  Praise the Lord, the tooth was not infected, but it was rotten.  Surgery was postponed because of this tooth because it could have caused problems with the heart valve as I understand it. 

Because it was not infected, he should be on to have surgery tomorrow, but......  The surgeon who has been seeing him is a fill-in surgeon from Green Bay.  He has never really wanted to do the surgery because he will be leaving mid-care and didn't want that, but now he has flatly refused to do the surgery because the regular cardiac surgeons will be back on Wednesday.  So? What choice do we have?  But to wait AGAIN!!  As you can imagine, this is getting long and hard and stressful.  To go from hoping for a basic stent or at the most surgery this fall to all of a sudden a really, really major important surgery is a huge switch.  If Dad's cardiologist had had his way, Dad would have had his surgery already on Friday. And now to keep pushing it off can really play with one's emotions. 

As plans hold, Dad is to be at the hospital at 6:00 on Wednesday morning, meet with the doctor and go for surgery at 9:00 with the surgery lasting 6-8 hours. 

I think Dad is getting bored because we all watch over him like a hawk and don't want him doing anything.  In reality, he did have a procedure and is not to be doing any lifting and things like that, but we kind of forget about that in light of the serious blockage.  So taking it easy would be happening regardless, but it seems more important now somehow.  

In good news, all the siblings were able to be together yesterday and it was a really, really good time. This would have been the first time probably about ever that we have hung out together as siblings without the grandchildren.  There were a few there, but not many and I think it meant something to Mom and Dad to have us all together and just relaxing and visiting.  

So prayer requests for right now would be that Mom and Dad would be able to relax and rest and be at peace over the next day.  Pray that Dad's tooth would not give him too much pain--Vivian said he was pretty miserable from it.  And for us as a family: while nothing is really happening, it is hard for me to home with them in Eau Claire.  Kev's are leaving early Tuesday morning; Vivian will be with them on Tuesday, then Dorothy, Ruthie and I are planning to go down early on Wednesday to get there in time for the doctor's appointment.  Darryl and Dave will be stopping in periodically throughout the week.  Also pray that the first impression of the new surgeon would be favorable.  

Thanks to everyone for caring.

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