Saturday, December 10, 2016

Momentum by Colin S. Smith

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Pursuing God's Blessings through The Beatitudes

Okay, I know I exclaimed over the last book I reviewed too, but this book, this book is worth reading.

It's fairly small, but very compact. Colin describes the Beatitudes as being rings the we must pass through in order to get to the other side. Think of it at those monkey bars at a playground where you swing across with your arms to get to the other side.

The first ring is the first Beatitude: poor in spirit. It's when we recognize that we are nothing without God and can do nothing on our own is when we can start to recognize our sin and mourn it. Then we are able to submit to God, to each His will and to each other. From there we hunger and thirst after His Word which leads to forgiveness, pursuing one thing wholeheartedly and living at peace. Because of our commitment to God we can expect to suffer for being a Christian.

Almost every chapter lists steps that help in becoming more Christ-like. I could go on and on and quote extensively, but I will try to limit it to one or two quotes, just to whet your appetite.

This quote is from the chapter on Spiritual Mourning: " Heartfelt sorrow over a particular sin grows when you see what it costs. Take a long, hard look at the cost of this sin to you, to others, and to Christ, and you will enter more deeping into spiritual mourning." And the six elements of spiritual mourning include: naming particular sins, heartfelt sorrow, arises from humility, is infused with hope, happens at the cross, and leads to forsaking of sins.

I am planning to read the book again as part of my devotions in 2017 and look at it more closely.  But as you can tell, I really enjoyed it and was blessed and challenged and I hope to be changed by reading it.

This book was given me by Moody Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review.

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