Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day 7-13

Day 7: Wrapping Paper

Day 8: Favorite Christmas Decoration
This is a sign from KLH Design Shop on Etsy and it was given by Cheryl Burkholder

Day 9: Something that brings you joy
I love watching Dave and Amber interact together

Day 12: A cozy blanket
This is Amber's night-night blanket. Why is she on the floor? I have no idea, but lately whenever I say I want to take a picture she lays on the floor like that. I think she's seen too many Bible School pictures

Day 10: Christmas lights
Yep, I have the days switched and it doesn't appear that I have Day 11 which was supposed to be a lit candle. We were going to go look at Bentleyville in Duluth, but it was cold, so we went out to eat and then Dave and Amber had a snack when we got home.

Day 13: Favorite Christmas ornament
This was a new discovery this year, that we have a little shelf above our stairs and it is just right for putting a few decorations on it. It makes me smile.

And there you have it. I don't have Day 14 yet because I haven't taken the picture yet and am not going to get the picture taken today. 

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