Sunday, December 4, 2016

Falling Free by Shannan Martin

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Rescued from the Life I Always Wanted

This book was a fast quick read. Why? Because Shannan's way of writing kept you coming back for more. She will challenge your thinking, make you wonder if you should be moving to the inner city, whether you should empty your savings account, or how to create community with the most unlikely people.

I really enjoyed this book. I want the thoughts to stick with me and challenge me and cause me to rethink how I do life. No, maybe I won't move to town, but I do go to  town, generally at least once a week or more, so how can I reach out to the people I see?

I'm not going to say a lot more. I will let a few quotes from the book speak for itself. Tomorrow, I will probably post a picture of my book and you will be able to see all my sticky notes sticking out from between the pages.

"In a world where we possess the power to distract or buy our way out of most discomfort, can we ever really mean it when say God is all we need?....
"Faithful and capable folk, we parrot familiar phrases from a place of theory rather than practice and warm ourselves by their feel-good, holy glow. But please don't press us. We don't really know if we actually believe them."

"Afflicted with relentless humanity, we view the world with person-eyes, then project what we see onto the flawless creator of the universe, assuming he operates as we do. We trick ourselves into thinking God is just a holier version of us--our brain, our worldview, none of the sinfulness. We forget that while we bear his image and harbor all his love, we can't comprehend the scope of eternal reality from our anthill vantage point."

"It should go without saying that, often, letting go is not our idea. We're conditioned to receive, not to relinquish. God wants dominion over every area in my life. Even worse, he has made it clear he already has it. It is his. Always has been. Basically, I can lay it down willingly, or he'll wrestle me for it. But he wants what is his--namely me."

Okay, that was only three sticky notes. I still have seven more to go, so I think I will just stop and recommend that you go buy the book or if you live close to me, ask me and I will loan you my copy.  It's worth it.

I was given this book by Book Look Bloggers and am not required to write a positive review.

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