Monday, March 23, 2015

By Your Side by Candace Calvert

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This was a good chick flick.  The normal romance: girl with a tough past meets heroic police officer who helps to save her life at least once.  They fall in love and live happily every after.

However, I did enjoy the writing style and enjoyed the feel-goodness of the story.  While I am well aware that real life is not so cut and dried and not always so dramatic and definitely doesn't always have such a "happily ever after" feel, it was a well-written story.

I especially enjoyed it because of the medical aspect of it.  I enjoy reading stories about nursing even if they aren't true stories.  Candace was an ER nurse, so I felt that the medical side was portrayed pretty accurately.

As far as: what can I take away from the story and apply to my life? I think the one thing would be to be thankful for parents, for having a home.  Macy was a foster child after her mother died.  Before that they lived in the car.  Her dad wanted nothing to do with her and wrote her off with a substantial check.  It makes me grateful for a nice home to grow up in.

I am looking forward to reading the other two Candace Calvert books I have that I haven't read yet.

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