Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Taken by Dee Henderson

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I am a Dee Henderson fan.  I think she writes a good, captivating story. There is normally romance mixed in, but I don't consider it the predominant feature.

This book is the story of a girl who was kidnapped at age 16 and escaped 11 years later. Shannon was a remarkable girl in that she dealt with her captivity by developing and maintaining a strong faith in God, journaling, and developing her photography skills. She didn't attempt escape earlier because she didn't want to cause another person to die which is what would have happened.

Shannon chose Matthew to be her guide to settling in to the real world again as his daughter had also been kidnapped and recovered. The romance aspect was Shannon was pretty determined to date Matthew and he was equally sure that while he also wanted to date her, he thought she needed to wait and work through some of her issues first.

The book had a good flow to it; very little edge-of-your-seats drama, but captivating all the same. I was extremely impressed with the faith of Shannon for all she went through and all she saw while she was kidnapped. I would like to have faith like that--faith that can stand up under trials and tests; faith that perseveres and grows and deepens; a dependence on God that we in America often neglect. That is the faith I desire.

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