Monday, May 18, 2015

Adventures in Saying Yes by Carl Medearis

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A Journey from Fear to Faith

This is the story of a man with a lot more courage than I have ever possessed.  He looked fear in the face and seemed to laugh at it a lot of times.  He lived in the Middle East for about 11 years. He wasn't afraid to ask the Imam if they could host meetings in his mosque to talk about Jesus. By saying his talks were about Jesus and not Christianity, he was able to open many more doors than he would have otherwise.  But he did mention that he had to learn about Jesus and who He really was to be able to really talk about Him.

Carl spent some time in prison, he was kicked out of the country of Lebanon, but he wasn't afraid to keep going forward.  If he felt God was calling him to do something, he said Yes and then jumped in with both feet.

He admits you can tell God no if you want to, but what will happen is you will eventually stop hearing God's voice and you can miss out on some grand opportunities.

While I wish the book would have been more chronological in its stories and even included more stories of the years in Lebanon, it was a well-written and challenging book.  It definitely included the adventures in saying yes. I guess I was just expecting more of the adventure to be shared. The back of the cover says how the Medearis family "has faced Middle Eastern prisons, death threats, being kicked out of a country twice, and war." There is very little of this in the book. One story about a night in prison and a little bit about the first time they were kicked out of Lebanon and that's it, so in that regard it was a little disappointing.  However, Carl is a great storyteller and I would recommend this book.

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