Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thoughts on thoughts

Now that is a dramatic Title. I bet no one knows what is going to come under this post. Well, that is true, because even I am not sure what all I am going to post. It's going to be more random here and I will try not to take half the post to tell you how random this will be.

So the secretary and I at work are coming up with a new business--selling T-shirts. Somehow, I think we will have to branch out beyond our normal customer base and get out of our comfort zone. But these will be medical specific shirts. The main color will be blue and pink, I guess and then in white or black words across the front, it will say, "GOT LYME?" and below that will be a picture of a little tiny tick or a bulls eye rash. Seriously, that is the rage right now. Even if your tests come back negative, I am sure you still have Lyme. And it is always Lyme or Lyme disease, never Lymes. Even, when the most liberal lab out there says your test is negative; if the ever-present chiropractor says you have Lyme, then you surely must and couldn't you just get the antibiotics without the testing? Yes, I realize Lyme is very prevalent out there these days. My niece has picked over 70 ticks off of herself this year already; but it is only the little tiny deer ticks that will cause Lyme and only a small majority of them will

So here are some brief facts on Lyme.
- If the tick has been on you for over 24 hours, your chances are greater for catching Lyme, but it is not conclusive evidence in itself.
- If you have a nice bulls-eye rash on your body, that is a good sign
- If you start getting some fever; not feeling well, some migrating joint pain, etc. and you had a known tick bit, you might have Lyme
- If the test comes back positive, you have Lyme
- Antibiotics are the only way to get rid of Lyme, (I know this would create cause for discussion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that is my belief. You may mess with natural methods and maybe find one that works-that is your belief)

I hope that has been an eye-opening experience for some of you non-readers out there about Lyme disease.

I do have one follower now, so that is nice. Thank you Jo. I am debating letting my Tuesday group know about it. I will have to see when I write my email today.

Another class I am considering starting is a speech class. I would like to instruct children over the age of 10 and some young adults that when you are spoken to, you reply. When I am asking a question about your health and I am looking directly at you, I mean for you to answer. I don't want to look at your mom and let her answer; I want you to answer. I mean, it is a fairly straight forward question. And you are old enough to realize that even though I am a stranger and a little strange on top of it that you must still answer.

Gardening: I love gardening, I have decided. Even now, when the weeds are taking over and the rain keeps coming down, I like the garden. Or should I say, I like to plan the garden and plan the crops and everything. I am working on making a list of all the kinds of things I would like to can this fall or try with my produce. Things like caramelized onions, candied jalepenos, etc. I like to try new things; it broadens one's horizons. On a side note, I pulled a really big radish out of my garden last night; that was fun. Next year, Dave says we are having a greenhouse and then I want to start all kinds of flowers and maybe have some hot house tomatoes. The ones in our house produced okay, but I don't want them overtaking my house again.

Puppies: one mass of whiners. Oh my, if I would be at home today, something would have to happen. I would have to make a pen outside or something. Those little guys are sooooo spoiled and think they have to be outside of their box. So here is what they do: they stretch on their back feet and put their heads over the box and go whine, whine, yip, yip, whine, whine, yip, yip over and over and over again. Then they fall into a blessed sleep after exhausting their voice boxes only to continue the story when they wake up. But soon they will be gone and I think I will kind of miss them. They are terribly cute. There are only 2 left to sell and someone is coming tonight and the people that came last night are still thinking about it, I think. It seemed they were 50/50. They wanted a dog just like the one they have that is 11 years old and I don't think they will find it; plus our males are so identical that they couldn't tell a difference to pick one out.

Well, I am somewhat running out of thoughts to think about. Not that my brain is so shallow as that I just am not sure what to think about on paper or in this case on screen; so I will go for now.


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