Saturday, June 12, 2010



You may ask the question; "Why are you doing this?" The answer to that is, "I'm not sure." So here I am; I have just created a blog for myself. At this point, nobody knows I did this; nobody, but myself and God, and I'm not totally sure why I did this yet. I like to write; I like to journal; I like to put my thoughts down on paper. Why did I pick the world wide web? Maybe someday I want to have a famous blog where many people are hounding it daily to read what new brilliant idea I have come up with in the last 24 hours. But, to do that, I will need to tell someone about my blog. I told my husband I might do one; does that count?

So, until that time in the future when I branch out and tell the world that I have a blog, I will come on here and chronicle some of the journey life and God are taking me on and no one will know. I kind of like that idea; though I am sure at some point I will want to tell people. It's kind of like Facebook and Xanga; it's a way to keep up with friends around the globe that you wouldn't call or email or have any other form of communication with.

So there you have it; some mindless ramblings on why I have set up this blog. I hope to see it include pictures, thoughts, ideas, cooking, and what all have you. It's set up by a random mind who lives on a gravel road and is surrounded by dust and manure; so you will never know what will come forth here.

Now before I close this rambling introductory first post, let me say this: I love my life. It's a great life and I am blessed beyond measure. But now I need to go and mow the lawn. Country folk have lawns to mow and ours seems to have the best growing rate in the county. Think more hayfield and you may have an accurate mental picture.

So long to no one.

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