Friday, June 25, 2010

My Week

So here's a small recap of my week. I'm not sure why I'm doing this, except I think to emphasize what I did with a lot of my spare time this week. Okay, maybe not a lot of my spare time, but some of it.

Sunday: stayed home from church due to cough and bad nose. This caused everyone to assume I was PG. It's ridiculous the way people jump to conclusions. Okay, maybe not everyone assumed this, sounds so much better to say everyone. Oh and my dad came to spend a couple days helping D on the barn.

Monday: I worked, then in the evening I browsed the great world wide web for canning recipes. More like I browsed for some of their recipes.

Tuesday: I worked all day from 8:30 to about 9:45 helping a mother labor her child into the world. Let's say, she had a lusty voice and made the comment that she often has a sore throat after delivery. I understand why.

Wednesday: I weeded the garden for a little in the morning until I decided that ankle deep and beyond in the mud might be just a little wet. I lazed the rest of the day away, making a list of things I want to can this summer/fall and how many of each thing. The evening was girls' club.

Thursday: I worked and when I got home I weeded the garden for a while. It was less muddy this time.

Today: I worked and when I got home I weeded the garden for a while again. It had dried enough finally that I could get to the rest of my onions and chinese cabbage/dill, but when I attacked some of the potatoes, the dirt came out with the weeds and so I stopped and then it started to rain. So presently I am typing out this blog post with one very used and dirty-looking hand and one nice and prim hand. See, when I weed, I can only have one hand dirty. There is little else worse to me than having dried-dirt-stained hands.

Tomorrow: I am, Lord willing, going to clean up this very messy house and then if it doesn't rain too much tonight I am going to attack the rest of the garden and hope to complete the initial weeding. Weeding is so disheartening--I haven't even finished the first round and round 2 is merrily popping its head around and laughing me in the face for even thinking I could adjourn to the house with a good feeling of a garden well weeded. I am thinking of only doing it once and giving up, but the joy of a clean garden is overtaking me and knowing that the more weeds I pull, the less there should be growing back, unless of course I only pull the tops which happens sometimes and then that is not good and this has become a very long run-on sentence that is rather bad.

Well, I must go. D might want the Internet and I want to read some before going to bed. I was thinking that there was some other note-worthy thing that I wanted to make note of. Yes I remember now. SOMEONE HAS POSTED A COMMENT ON MY SITE!!!!! ACTUALLY THERE WERE 2 COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was exciting to me. Thanks Faye.

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  1. Oh I'm glad you noticed, cuz I hardly ever post comments on anything... because after all, somebody might read it!!... what phobia would that be, the one where you're scared of putting your thoughts out there for the whole world to read... but you'll note that I dearly love reading when other people, like you, do post their thoughts out there... :) that's likely some other psych issue in itself... hmmm...
    Ha-ha, liked the Sunday notes... :)


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