Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Marriage Challenge: Week 1

Greet Lovingly

Back a few years, when we were sending out wedding invitations, I received a reply that had some really good advice on it. (Yes, we sent out this little reply cards that people actually mailed back in to me. And yes, I would still recommend doing that because people will send you good tidbits of advice like this one I'm about to mention and people will also send you money in those little envelopes.) 

I don't have the wording verbatim and I am way too lazy to go and try to find it, but the gist was this. Always greet your husband at the door when he comes home from work. If I'm remembering correctly, this was advice she had received when she got married and advice she had followed faithfully up to that point. At the time we got married they would have been married about 12 years and had 2 girls. It just so impressed me and is something I have tried to do as well. I don't always do it and I think almost every time I don't, her advice comes whispering in my ear. Go meet him at the door. Set aside your own interests and projects and go meet him. (Kay, I don't know if you read my blog or remember this, but it was good advice.)

So that is the challenge for this week: Greet your husband at the door. Stop what you are doing and make him the most important person in your life. It's easy to maybe feel frustrated when he greets the children first, but are we doing our part to make sure we are there in line to greet him. And greet him with a smile and cheer. Maybe the day has been long and hard and you have longing for a little relief. Cheer will make him more receptive to helping you out. Being happy he is home will go a long way to making a much more pleasant evening.

Becky Thompson, who's book I am getting these ideas from, says you should greet your husband as if it was your first day of married life or the first day you fell in love. Ah, that changes things a bit doesn't it? 

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