Sunday, January 1, 2017

In with the New

As I mentioned in the last post, I love new things, new years, new books, new journals, new goals, etc. And so to each of you, Happy New Year.

My new planner. I debated getting a different kind this year, but came back to the same old same old. It's been tried and proven true and so I will use it again for 2017.

Because I decided it wasn't cost effective to buy a Line a Day Journal and a Menu journal, I got these two instead. I might add that with a 40% off coupon for the one on the right, I got them both for less than what one would have cost me if I went with the official titled ones. Yes, they are a bit more work, but a bit less buck as well. 

I don't know if you can see how I set it up or not, but each page in the Line a Day journal has four lines for each year for a total of five years. Plus, it's a beautiful leather-looking journal. It's as step up from my Jumbo Little Book that I used for the last four years. 

The quality of these pictures leave much to be desired, but... a new Bible study book and a new Bible to use in 2017. More on the Bible study later.

 I haven't fully decided if I will use this or not. Maybe just some mornings. It's just a beautiful little book and will likely make a great gift after I'm done with it!!
 Now, you aren't necessarily supposed to be able to read what's on this picture. It's just a double-paged view of some of my goals for the year. Yes, I set a fair amount of goals, less than last year, but still plenty. One thing I didn't really set goals for is my blog. I'm not sure yet what direction I am going to take this year. I would like to write more about what I'm learning in life, what my word is for the year, what my devotional time is showing me, etc. I also am planning to put ads on this year. Please forgive me, but maybe I can make a few pennies. You know to pay for all the journals I use in a year. :)

My new desk/table look. So many fewer books. (Was that proper?) But a lot of them have also been put in the basket. Sometimes I wonder why I can't be normal and just use on devotional book, one Bible and one journal. Why do I have to be the one that thinks they need a regular journal, a Q & A journal, a Line a Day journal, a menu journal, plus a planner? Really? Oh well, it will be fun for the first week at least.

Happy 2017!!!!!!!!!!!

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