Monday, August 8, 2016

Today's Moment of Truth by Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg

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Devotions to Deepen Your Faith in Christ

This is a beautiful padded hardcover devotional book. It contains 180 devotions that are intended to strengthen a Christian's belief that there is a God and that the God of the Bible can be trusted.

Lee Strobel is well-known as the atheist that went searching to disprove the Bible and instead became a Christian. Mark, I hadn't heard as much about, but now after reading this book, I would like to read some other of his books.

It's hard for me to just pull out one phrase or even devotional from this book. It was just good. It was faith strengthening to see how science and history confirm over and over and over again the validity of the Bible, how the very idea of a moral right and wrong confirms a Higher Power and so many other examples that Lee and Mark gave.

There are devotionals on who Jesus is, how we can know there's a God, truth, etc.

It was a very good book and I highly recommend it for anyone. It is deep and I feel like I only scratched the surface because I was racing to get it read.

It would make an excellent Christmas gift if anyone is starting to think that direction.  This is one book I would consider giving away and yet I want my children to read it and so it might just be a good option for buying another one as a Christmas gift. I'll have to see.

This book was given me by Book Look Bloggers for the purpose of reading and writing a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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