Saturday, August 27, 2016

An Unexplainable Life by Erica Wiggenhorn

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A 10-Week Bible Study of Acts 1-12
Recovering the Wonder and Devotion of the Early Church

Once again I was completely surprised by the size of this book. I knew I had ordered a Bible study book and so I expected it to be the size of most Bible Study books, about a 5x7 and a 1/4 inch thick or so. Not so this book. It's more like an 8x12 and an inch thick. Note, measurements could be way off due to the author's complete lack of ability to size things up accurately.

However, this book looks like it is just waiting for me tor me to delve in. It is a 10 week, 50 day Bible Study. Yes, I know the math doesn't compute there, but each week has five lessons, which I really like because it gives you a chance to catch up if you fall behind or for me, weekends tend to be tougher for me to get in my devotions because of the mixed up schedule or lack of schedule.

Some of the questions Erica asks in the intro are:

"What if Christ were to become my greatest reality?"
"What if His message and mission were my deepest desire?"
"Would my worry, anxiety, unrest, discontent, and angst be replaced by the abiding reality of the Prince of Peace ruling in my heart and mind?"

And then the question that is meant to challenge and awaken in me a longing for more is this one:
"Do I truly believe that losing my life for His sake results in the greatest discovery of all time?"

Yes, I want to know more. I want to grow deeper. I want to delve into this Study and learn and be drawn closer to my Lord and Saviour.

As I said, each week is divided into 5 lessons, with a few verses from Acts that are to be read aloud. This is followed by some questions and then a short devotional/explanation and then the practical questions to be applied to my life. Some of the lessons have a little doodling box that I can use to draw in, write in, pray in etc while I ponder what the Holy Spirit wants to teach me.

I am really looking forward to doing this study. I already know I'm going to have a hard time just writing in this book, but I want to do it and I want to draw closer to God. This book can also be used for small groups. You can get more free resources at

This book was given me by Moody Press for the purpose of reviewing. All opinions expressed are my own.

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