Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Worship Changes Everything by Darlene Zschech

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Experiencing God's Presence in Every Moment of Life.

I've experienced a bit of a caution in reading books by authors that I'm not well acquainted with. I like to think that I can read a book, take the good and leave the questionable and move on, but I realize not everyone looks at books the same way I do.  Books that I read and am encouraged in, others may read and see it as a license for them to go do something that I never even saw hinted at in the book. So in giving reviews, it has caused me to stop and be a bit more cautious in my reading.

And this book was one of those I thought I should exercise caution in. I actually had a harder time just really enjoying it because I was trying to dissect stuff to make sure it seemed to follow Biblical teaching. In my opinion, Darlene did follow Biblical teaching. Yes, she gave a few interpretations of Scripture that I had never heard interpreted like that before. I am not entirely sure what to think of them yet, whether she was correct or not. What I did like about her book is she used a lot of Scripture. Yes, I know Scripture can be interpreted and used a lot in a book and the book can still be wrong, but I like that she backed up her points with Scripture.

All-in-all I was impressed with the book and I'm laying it down with a renewed vigor to worship, to worship everywhere and in all circumstances. It can be easy to say, "That's easy for you to say; you are a well-known song writer, worship leader, etc. Of course you worship." But it does give you pause when she talks about her very recent journey with breast cancer and she is still worshiping in and through that journey. She does say it was hard to worship in that time, but she still chose to. She says we need to worship in the desert, in church, in our private devotions, in our service, in our love for others, in our attitude, in the words we say, in suffering, with our money, through loving ourselves, through our work, through our marriage, through our children, and in eternity. Basically, all the time, everywhere, whatever we are doing. I needed that reminder to be constantly aware of God's presence and allowing my life to be a reflection of Him and giving Him continual praise through worship.

I received a complementary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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