Thursday, December 3, 2015

Birthdays in Heaven

It seems like too many people are having heavenly birthday celebrations this year. Nov. 13 was  the first birthday of a little boy who couldn't stay. Nov. 30 was Cheryl's first birthday in heaven. Beings I could never remember when her birthday was, I for sure couldn't remember how old she would be. I think 26 though. I saw that somewhere. And today would be Dad's 80th birthday. 

How does this happen? Yes, I know they're all better off up there. That is true; I believe that. But I'm down here and I'm seeing the pain these dates are causing loved ones and feeling the pain myself and I just wonder why? All of these deaths feel so untimely. Yes, Dad was almost 80, but he was strong and hard-working and seemed to have many years ahead of him yet. I want to say: "Why not take the ones who aren't healthy, the ones who would love so much to go to heaven? Why take the young and the strong and the ones who have never had a chance at life yet?" I know God's way is perfect and His plan is right and there's such a thing as sin and the curse that has messed life up from the perfect way it feels like it should be.

But as I sit here this morning and I think about the pain that people are going through as they face birthdays and holidays without their loved ones, it hurts. We are going over to Mom's tonight for supper and it hurts because it's a stark reminder that Dad is gone and Mom is hurting and there is nothing I can do to help her in her pain besides being there and hoping that at least she knows how much I care. But it all feels inadequate.  Today should have been a day of celebration: Dad was 80. We wanted to throw a party for him this year--he would have loved seeing a lot of his friends, etc. He wouldn't have said much, but he would have enjoyed it. Instead, he is up in heaven where he joined a brother and now since has had a brother-in-law and a niece join him up there. He's up there with his own son or daughter and his three grandchildren and I can imagine him sitting there watching quietly as they play or talk, a contented smile on his face.  And I know he's happy. And it's because of that happiness and that fulfillment that Dad is enjoying from living a life for God down here, that helps me get up and go on. 

We know Dad and Cheryl and Bryan and all the others who are celebrating birthdays in heaven are in a better place. We know they are having a party that rivals no others. And so I must get up and go on. I must face each new day, content only to live for God to the fullest extent of my ability so that someday I too will go to be with them.

But in the interim, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!  

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