Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Time Chamber by Daria Song

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A magical story and coloring book.

If you've been around the block at all, you have noticed the increased surge in adult coloring books.  I use the term "Adult" here very loosely with no suggestive theme attached. (In case you wondered :)). As a child, I always had big plans of coloring; obviously dreaming and planning have been life long staples of mine. Anyway, just recently I was able to snag to ebook coloring books and I printed off a few pictures to color.

Then I got the chance to review a coloring book.  What good fortune. It is the story of a fairy girl who lived inside a cuckoo clock and wanted to get out and see the world. The pictures are more magical then real, but I see some real potential for coloring them and making them look pretty.  The story doesn't completely make sense to me. It's really more like a paragraph with a couple lines on only a couple pages, but obviously I'm not touched with fairy knowledge because the story ends totally different from how I understood it at the beginning. This doesn't really bother me except to make me wonder what I missed, if the pictures are supposed to be showing me things, I'm obviously not getting or what.

But I'm looking forward to coloring it. It's not completely my style and I was debating keeping it and giving it for a gift sometime, but I think my selfish ambitions have taken over and I will keep it and probably get about one picture colored in it a year, but we shall see. I also view it as a challenge to uncover the hidden as in the case of some maze looking pages.  Perhaps coloring will figure into my new year's goals for 2016.

This book was given my be Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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