Friday, August 14, 2015

Refining Fire by Tracie Peterson

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This was the second book in a series called "Brides of Seattle", so because I like to read things in order, I quick got the first book from the library and read it.  Actually the quick thing isn't quite true.  I checked our library and saw that they actually had it, so I waited another week or so and then went check it out and ta da--- it was out on load already, so then I had to request the book from a different library.  Long story short, the moral of the whole thing is: don't procrastinate and then assume that nobody in the city in which I live and surrounding villages is going to want that book.

Okay back to the book.  The underlying story line is a Bridal school where girls can come to be trained in the ways of housekeeping and then prospective suitors pay to go to receptions put on by these girls and learn to know them and hopefully find a wife.  Odd, I know, but this was back in the 1800's as well.  Abrianna, who is the main character and yet not, is a young, impetuous, no thought for herself kind of girl who reminds me a bit of Anne of Green Gables with the way she talks and talk constantly. Militine, who is supposed to be the main character of the book came to the Bridal School to hide; she has no intention of getting married, but, of course, falls in love anyway.

It was a well-written book that did hold my attention especially during the part about the Seattle fire and the two heroines and their cronies rescuing ten Chinese girls who were going to be sold into prostitution.  I wanted to be frustrated with Abrianna's naivety and trust in the man who obviously did this and the girls were given back into his care because he was going to send them back "home".  I am definitely hoping there is another book coming because the story ends at a poor spot where a lot of things are awaiting conclusion.

I was impressed with Abrianna's trust in God: she was completely committed to helping Seattle's poor and was completely mindless of social standing or etiquette or anything else.  If it meant being courted by a scoundrel because he promised her a big building so the homeless could have shelter, then she would do it.  She was completely committed to God and ready to do whatever it took to serve Him.  I could learn from that commitment.

I did enjoy the book and if I see the third book come out, I will likely read it so I can see how the story ends.

This book was given me by Bethany House for the purpose of reading and writing a review on it. All opinions expressed were my own.

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