Monday, August 24, 2015

Called for Life

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By Kent and Amber Brantly with David Thomas

This, this is a good book!!  Dr. Kent and Amber have felt a life long call to be missionaries and Kent determined to do it through medicine.  They moved to Liberia and were caught in the nastiest outbreak of Ebola ever.  Even through extreme safety precautions, Kent still managed to catch Ebola and became very sick.  This book is the story of that journey from health to sickness to near death to restored health.  It was a very fascinating and interesting book, well-written and captivating.  I can't imagine being Amber and being thousands of miles away from my husband while he is fighting a life-threatening illness.

One section of the book stood out to me when I read it: this thing of saying yes to people.  We cannot say yes to everybody all the time.  We are still finite beings, but if everyone would say yes to one person, then everybody would be taken care.  He stresses how you cannot use the doctor/patient relationship to force religion down the patient's throat, but because of that relationship, opportunities may arise to share why you are showing compassion and care beyond the normal standard.  For me, I think it means being in tune with God and listening to the Holy Spirit and letting Him guide you to the right people to say yes too.  That is my own words and thoughts, but I think Kent would agree with that.

I would highly recommend the book to anyone who enjoys a good well-written true story.  While you know the outcome because Kent is one of the authors, it is still a gripping story.

This book was given me by Blogging for Books for the purpose of reading and writing a review

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