Monday, January 5, 2015

I've Changed my Mind

It's January 5 today.  Remember how a few short days ago, I wrote about January being the start of a new year and a clean slate or whatever other stuff I wrote about it.  Well, I just want you to know that I've changed my mind.


I know that's a strong statement, but January is starting to feel like a foreboding month to me.  Two years ago, we were trying to pick up the pieces after a miscarriage that left me more heartbroken than I ever expected.

One year ago tomorrow, our world was turned upside down by the potential prospect of a Down Syndrome baby and then only 8 days later to give birth to our precious baby girl, Nicole Brooke who went straight to heaven.

So what about this year?  Well, we just got home after spending a weekend in the hospital trying to stop preterm labor for the little miss that isn't scheduled to make her debut until March.  Now, I suppose because they were able to get the labor stopped and I am back home again, that that should be cause for elation and it is. I am so glad to be home!!!! And I am so glad for NICU's and high-tech hospitals and all that stuff. I truly am, but we are only on the fifth day of January and my pessimistic attitude says a lot could happen this month yet.  But, the good news to that is if little miss decides to come early, the NICU doctor says her survival rate is as good as a full-term baby.  Now, that is enough good news to make me like January, but I have decided I don't like January and I'm sticking to it.

And that's really all I have to say about it, so I will move on to other glamorous things like writing in my new 2015 planner and reading my stack of books that I need to get through all while trying to ignore that it's January on the calendar!!!!!!!!!

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