Thursday, January 15, 2015

Car Seat Blanket

I am so very tickled with how this turned out.  It was terribly easy as well.  Scared me to just stick the blanket in the car seat, line stuff up, and then cut down the middle of the blanket, but it seems to have worked out well.  Just one little note to self--when buying fabric for things like this, you might want to take into consideration the color of the car seat and the number of projects you are doing that pertain to the car seat.  While I have a real eclectic collection of flannel for this baby, I decided after I bought all the material that the two blankets for the car seat really should have some matching colors. So, I have changed my plans and now I have a lovely purple minky fabric to find something to do with.  I just hope I will actually put it to use instead of saving it as I am way too apt to do.  This is the blog where I got the basic pattern off of.  I didn't follow it exactly because I didn't see the point in trying to do that weird corner rounding thing.  Mom cut it out for me and we just did a little corner round so it's more friendly looking and I'm guessing it will work just fine and is way easier.  I also didn't use the bias tape, just a zig-zag over the holes.  I just need a baby now to try it out on. Anybody want to bring theirs over for a demo?

Oh and did I mention how cheap this was?  I had gotten the fleece some time when I got carried away with other projects, but my guess is I didn't pay over $4/yd for it and the flannel I bought on Black Friday for a little over $2/yd.  I think my blanket measures about 39-41 inches.  I actually can't remember for sure, but at any rate, this blanket cost less than $10.  The other thing I really like about this blanket is: we are borrowing the car seat so it also serves to hopefully help protect the car seat from getting too dirty and I can just pull it out and wash it and be good to go instead of trying to scrub a car seat.  

Okay, well, I thought I had uploaded two pics of this blanket: one that would show the other side that you will see when the baby is all wrapped up, but I guess not.  Oh well, my next project has that material on it as well and maybe I can upload the other picture then too.  

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