Monday, December 15, 2014

What would you do?

This post would be much better with pictures, but I didn't think of taking any.  Maybe I'll see what I can snag off the world wide web to better portray my story

A package comes in the mail or better interpreted an overgrown envelope:

2014 Prepaid Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes

At first it's exciting like you might be getting a small gift from someone:

Happy Face Clipart

But then you look closer and you see words that don't inspire a happy face at all.  Instead, they might inspire more of this:

grumpy girl clip art

Because you see words like this on the package:

Household Television Survey.

You debate throwing the envelope away without even opening it, but for some reason you open it.  Then you are going to trash it, but wait something catches your eye:

Nini d'Amour

You reach into the envelope and remove five brand-new crisp one dollar bills:
Nini d'AmourNini d'AmourNini d'Amour

Nini d'AmourNini d'Amour

You smile now:

Big smile pictures

But wait: the company is paying you in advance for doing their survey.  Now what?  A pause, a moment to think and then into the

... Trash Cans 23 Gal. Automatic Stainless Steel Touchless Trash Can® NX

goes the envelope and into the
Small Partner Desk
goes the cash and you wonder to yourself: Is that money really real?  You will find out you guess when you try to cash it in for some

girl drinking McCafe | McDonald’s McCafe White Chocolate Mocha ...

The question is begging to be asked.  How many of you have thrown out white boring survey envelopes in the last month without first opening and checking inside?  I would like to be able to get all those one dollar bills too.  I will look more closely from now on.

PS: There was a small amount of guilt experienced at not doing the survey, but beings we don't even have a TV, it would have been a very boring survey result anyway, so guilt was mostly assuaged.

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