Monday, December 1, 2014

Well, that was a long day wasn't it?

I don't think I really promised to absolutely every day post something I was thankful for, did I?  If I did, I'm truly sorry, but here in is the beauty.  It's my blog and I reserve the right to make any and all changes to the content that I wish and that includes how frequently I post.

It really is a little pathetic. I quit posting on the day we had a sermon on thankfulness.  How ironic, huh?  To add further to the irony is the fact that I was more than a little crabby and moody the rest of that day as well.  But it's been better since.  I'm starting to go a little stir-crazy and realizing that ten weeks is a really, really, REALLY, REALLY long time, but by God's grace I will make it for as long as I need to.

Am I bored yet?  Getting there, but I still have things I can do.  I have only half met my goal for today on my online transcription job, but truth-be-told, I was getting a little tired of transcribing a focus group for undergarments.  Now, I know my work is to be kept confidential and everything and really I have no intention of squealing about the hours of pointless work I did this afternoon, but really?  People have meetings to discuss undergarments?  I had no idea.  It's a whole other world out there that I know nothing about.

Black Friday?  Black Friday just ain't the same when done sitting in a chair.  I struggled to get enthused, but I do have a few parcels coming even if they are as boring as black ink cartridges. The exciting thing about the black ink cartridges?  I am hoping to put together two cookbooks from my two favorite food bloggers.  Thanks so much Jo for introducing me to both of them.  I'm also getting myself lots of work in the parcels that are coming.  If I can't go shopping for the munchkin, I will sew for the little tyke instead.  Poor D is quite concerned that our baby will be dressed in complete homemade clothes, but I have attempted to reassure him that I am only looking to make blankets, burp clothes, washcloths, changing pads, etc.  I'm not sure I even have it in me to attempt sleepers and onesies when you can buy onesies for a couple of buck on clearance or at a second-hand store. But, the purchasing ability is a little more limited when you can't actually go to said stores and buy the things you need, but I have solicited a little help in that department and of course, there's always the internet, if I can make enough money transcribing about undergarments to pay for it, I guess.  OH BOY!!!

It's actually kind of exciting to be getting excited about this baby.  It's been awhile in coming and I keep waffling between expecting a 9+ pound baby at my due date or expecting it any moment and then spending weeks in a NICU.  Either way, I am realizing that I should start making some provision for the child lest it be born without a mother who even thought to provide it the very basic essentials.  Speaking of essentials, what does one consider essential when raising a baby?  I would like some very honest input.  There are all kinds of ideas out there in cyberspace, but I would like to know what you, my friends and acquaintances think is needful.  Please respond.

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  1. I was excited to read this post; oh, how I can (or could, a few short weeks ago) identify with so many things you wrote here. It is SO nice to be able to hold our little boy in my arms, rather than in my belly! And the anticipation, combined with the fear... I know that feeling, too.

    The essentials? I think they will look a bit different for each situation. Really, there aren't that many essentials-- not nearly as many as the retailers would like you to think. You need to be able to feed, to diaper, and to dress your baby. Really, that's about it. Of course, you can expand each of those categories. I don't think breastfeeding would have been successful here, without my pump (garage sale special), which also requires bottles, etc. I have chosen cloth diapers, which has its own list of "need to haves". A place to sleep is also nice, but babies aren't all that picky... but I would highly recommend the Arms Reach Cosleeper, if you have space beside your bed. I had people almost begging me to give them ideas for a gift to go together to purchase, so I mentioned that... and I have a hard time imagining life without it. Of course, Baby will outgrow it in a few months, but I have loved it so far.

    Best wishes as you wait... and wait... and wait. I hope you find it as I did... very worth the wait... and I felt so much better AFTER baby came than I did the weeks before. Really, our 9 pounder did not make for a harder than average labor, but I was thankful he came almost 2 weeks before the "due date", because that was quite large enough! One more thing...I know you get tired of hearing this, but they are not joking when they say, "Sleep while you can!" :)



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