Sunday, December 28, 2014

I Need to Read More and other Random Thoughts

Okay, I really don't want this blog to turn into a complete book review blog; however, I just applied with two more book review programs.  I don't think the one will accept me, but the other one might.  We will see. I suppose the only way to make this not become a book review blog is to post more often.  Ha Ha!!!  We'll see how that goes as well.

Christmas songs are something I've been thinking about more this year.  I'm very disappointed that I got to help sing so few Christmas songs this year. I think I sang all of one last Sunday in church.  I like Christmas songs. I have played a few on my keyboard.  What are your favorite? And have you really stopped to consider what they say?  My understanding is that some people people don't like Christmas songs because they seem so shallow, but really stop and listen to some of those lyrics.

Even Away in a Manger: "Be near me Lord Jesus. I ask Thee to stay close by me forever and love me I pray..."  Who of us doesn't need to pray that song on a daily basis?

I've already mentioned Star of the East.

"Joy to the World, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King. Let every heart prepare Him room." If the Lord hadn't come once, we couldn't be looking for the Second Coming, so there is great joy to remember.  And our hearts need to be prepared, cleaned out and made ready to receive Him as our personal Savior.

I'll stop there, but it has struck me that there really is meaning in Christmas songs. It also convicts me that I need to pay more attention to the songs I sing all year long.

You know the saying,  "My eyes are bigger than my stomach" generally said in reference to putting too much food on your plate at meal time.  In this case, I think it could refer to the recipe book I'm putting together.  I have taken my favorite food blogger and am going through her recipes and printing out everything that looks good or looks like something I would like to try.  I'm not even close to done and already my stack of pages is large and looming.  I've decided that doing this when I am unable to cook is a rather poor decision because EVERYTHING looks good and I am SURE I will make everything and be this wonderful cook and baker and we will have gourmet meals and eat hearty all summer long.  One can hope, right?  But, I have big plans for this cookbook, complete with cut and paste pictures on most recipes.  But it's a challenging job for a somewhat OCD person?  Do you categorize alphabetically each recipe or by kinds of recipes, or how?  And what if a recipe fits under two categories? Then where should I stick it?  My life is full of large problems, you see.

In exciting, thrilling news:  I HAVE MADE IT TO 30 WEEKS!!!  I HAVE MADE IT TO CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!! There's a part of me that is rebellious and now wants to get off my chair and get to work because really my baby has a really good chance of survival now, nothing seems to be happening as I sit in my chair, so why now?  Then D gently reminds me that we really don't want our baby hanging out in NICU for 8 weeks because her mother was stubborn and rebellious and disobedient.  So I sit in my chair and plan what all I'm going to do at 36 weeks.  I am trying to view every day that baby stays tucked inside as a blessing and one less day she would spend struggling for life.  I do hope that she won't decide to get too comfortable and hang out until 41 weeks.

Also, in the next six weeks, I am hoping to get a whole bunch of baby sewing done: blankets, burp cloths, and other fun stuff.  No, I'm not making much in the way of clothes, so everyone can relax.  I do think there are some darling little girl dresses that are cute and homemade, but that's not on the agenda at this point.

Okay, this has been really random and discombobulated.  I think I had better go before I come up with more randomness that makes completely no sense.

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  1. I was just thinking that it was time for some musings from Aurelia. Look forward to them. Congratulations on 30 weeks. Wonderful news!


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