Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A List of Lists

The other night I was thinking how much I love lists. I like reading lists on blogs, I like making lists on paper, and I like having mental lists in my head. I also have a wish list on the sticky notes on my computer, you know, just in case.... the right person would see it or something. So I thought, for fun, I should do a posts about the lists I have or have made in the past and maybe a few random things I'll put in a list at the end.

So here goes: my list of lists
1. A to-do list in my daily planner
2. A list of things to do before summer Bible School this summer
3. A list of things I wanted to get done before 24 weeks
4. And a list of things to do after 24 weeks.
5. A list of all the freezer meals that are in the freezer along with breads, etc.
6. A running list in my head of things I want to accomplish
7. As mentioned, my wishlist on the computer
8. Many wish lists on Amazon
9. Goals
10. One time, a long time ago, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in my life, both hobbies and otherwise. I wonder where that list is. If I remember right, it was quite lengthy
11. Menus, though those are generally listed out on the days I want to make them in my planner
12. Grocery lists
13. Gift ideas
14. Books I want to get from Moody Publishers for reviewing purposes.
15. This isn't a list, but there is a row of books in the cupboard that I want to read this year. It starts with the review books I get and then moves on to other books that are high on my list to read.

Okay, now just some random things put together in a list
1. I had no idea 2-year-olds were quite the sponges for learning that they are.
2. Dry cereal is quite a great thing when you are two
3. Laundry is a necessary evil.
4. 23 weeks is reason to celebrate
5. Only 13 weeks left to go until I can waddle wherever I please again.
6. I am very ready for spring and sunshine and warm weather.
7. My yellow daffodils and orange tulips really do look quite stunning together, though I was trying to figure out this spring why I bought orange tulips of all colors.
8. We are going away for a belated anniversary getaway this weekend and I am pleased as punch about the idea.
9. I want to drink lots of coffee, have quality conversation and otherwise engorge myself on yummy food while we are gone.
10. I'm becoming a fan of kombucha.

Okay, and now I need to go put the small child to bed. It seems almost sad because she is playing nicely, but I prefer to do it before we are both having meltdowns. It feels more peaceful that way.

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