Thursday, June 16, 2016

Things I'm Loving Right Now

When this post goes public, I will be gone on a trip. A trip with my mom, my daughter, my niece for half the time and my aunt for half the time. Doesn't this sound brave? If this is the last post you ever see from me, you know the trip just simply did me in and I am now traumatized beyond cognition.

No really, I'm looking forward to this trip, minus the fact that Amber has not proved herself to be very good about sleeping in strange places and we will be staying in a lot of different places in the 8 days we are gone.

But this is supposed to be about the things I'm loving right now. Well, obviously my little girl, but I've posted recent pics of her, so no pics this time.

Product Details
This came in the mail the other day. It is a Pilot Parallel pen. I realized there is a whole world and language of calligraphy style pens out there and I am a novice. I thought I understood that these pens were really cool because they had ink cartridges that you could pop in and out at will and change the color whenever you want. Ha Ha!! It's not that simple. For one, I'm not sure you can pop the cartridge out before it is gone and save it for another use. I intend to try, but.... And then before you pop a new cartridge in, you have to clean and scrub the pen. And then there's the language of converters and saving the environment by buying ink in bulk and refilling your cartridges or using the converters. And words like eye droppers, etc were passed around and it made me want to go buy a whole bunch of ink and experiment, but I will try to constrain myself and only buy a few different things to go with this pen. I have loved using it and trying to style up my writing and hopefully the writing on my homemade cards can look a little more professional.

My flowers are another thing that make me happy these days. I should go and take a picture and post it of my outside flowers, but I'm lazy and so I am consoling myself with the fact that we just had a wind and rain storm and I am sure that the flowers are not looking their best right now and so the pics shall wait.  My inside flowers are also blossoming ( no put intended for some of them at least) since I transplanted a lot of them and offered them better and ritzier accommodations. My rose plant actually has a rose with two more buds coming along. My cactus style plant that I hacked off the main one seems to be struggling to root, but that might be hindered in part by coming downstairs one day and seeing Amber playing the plant outside of its pot and then the other day a little tyke also appeared to be fondling the plant, but it doesn't turn brown, so I have hope.
Product Details
These make me happy as well. A birthday gift from the man and they are the most comfortable and expensive pair of flip flops I have ever owned and I intend to get many years of walking pleasure out of them. Yes, I picked them out. I was given instructions that I was not to come out of the store without a pair of flip flops in my hand. He does shopping for so long, but there comes a point where the law must be laid down !!!!

Okay, A is sleeping and I really need to get some computer work done to make up for being gone a week.

Good bye all.

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