Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Seven Laws of Love by Dave Willis

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I was looking through the Book Look Bloggers for a book that looked interesting and something I would enjoy and agree with. I saw this book, but I just had this feeling like, "Really, what can this book tell me? Is it just a do-good, God is love kind of book? I don't know the author." I read a few comments on it and decided, why not try it?

Guess what? That was a good decision. I've been reading this book and I keep toying with the idea of doing some extended blog posts on the principles that he gives in the book. I'm worried that I would just end up copying the book though and that would run me into some problems with the author, though it would also give him an excellent opportunity to practice his seven laws of love. I might do a few more posts on this book, I'm not sure yet.

It was really good. Dave started by saying what he considers the seven laws of love to be:
Conquering Fear
Offering Grace
Living Forever.

Then he talks about love in action to:
Your spouse
Your Family
Your Neighbor
Your Friends
Your Enemies
Your Creator.

He's practical and says the hard stuff. Love is a matter of both the heart and the mind. Feelings are fleeting, but to have a lasting, committed love it must endure long after the feelings have dissipated.

"The strength of your commitment will always determine the strength of your relationship." I could quote sentence after sentence after sentence that stuck out to me when I was reading it. I was challenged to be honest, to be truthful but to be kind while doing it, to love those around me even if it pushes me outside of my comfort zone.

"You don't have to trust someone in order to forgive, but you do have to forgive someone in order to make trust possible again." This is the thing of offering grace. If love is a commitment we don't run when the other person in the relationship messes up, we listen, we offer truth, we extend grace and we invite healing to occur in that person's life. It will be messy, but it is the way that Jesus exemplified. He looked for the least likely people and poured out His love on them.

So I'm not sure if there will some more blog posts on this book or not, but it's worth the read. If you are struggling in a relationship, ask God to help you and pick up a book like this. It's not a seven step process and then you're done, but it will give you some tools to equip you for the rest of your life.

This book was given me by Book Look Bloggers for the purpose of reading and writing a review on. All opinions expressed are my own.

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