Thursday, May 19, 2016

What I'm Listening To

You know how when you get excited about something you learned or something you've done, etc. etc. you want to share it with someone? Well, that's the reason for this blog. I've been listening to some stuff online that is making me think and causing me to reexamine my own thoughts and it makes me need to dig in and make some changes. Now, I haven't necessarily done all of these things, but they need to be done and I want to do these things.

Earlier, I read the book #Struggles by Craig Groeschel and I really enjoyed his style of writing. (Warning, this is a bit random and may be a little hard to follow my thinking here). Also for one of my New Year's Resolutions, I put a goal of reading four marriage books this year. I have one done, so I need to get on this goal. Anyway, one of the books I wanted to read was From This Day Forward by Craig Groeschel. Why? Because I enjoyed his #Struggles book. Are you getting the spaghettied up connection here? But, our dear little library and its interlibrary loan system haven't learned about Craig Groeschel and his books yet, which is sad and I'm cheap and don't like to buy books at full price so I haven't gotten the marriage book yet, but...... I discovered the series of messages that Craig gave at his church on the book and so I am listening to those and am going to call it my second book in the marriage genre.

So, that was a long-winded explanation of how I got here to a five-week series on how to fail proof your marriage. I am only part way through and I have been convicted on things I need to do better at. Reading marriage books always inspires me to put more effort and energy into making our marriage good. Now, I know that some people who read this blog may not have a good marriage or may not even be married. Don't quit reading at this point, these sermons are for you as well. He talks about each of those issues as well. His five points are:

Seek God (pray together)
Fight Fair (I'm going to talk about this a bit more in another paragraph)
Have fun (He rates this one as PG13, but one good point he makes is, you got married because you had fun together, keep having fun together, do stuff together, take time for each other)
Stay pure
Never give up.

I haven't listened to the last two yet, but if you are looking for some practical teaching, some humorous teaching and just some motivation to give your marriage a tune up, listen to these messages.

The other thing I have been listening to are Sally Clarkson's podcasts. I have to listen to these on my phone because my computer is weird, but anyway. This is a very informal discussion with Kristen Kill about raising children and discipling them, etc. etc. I have been challenged by what she says. In fact, some of it feels so far removed from what I would have grown up with that I wonder if it's really true, but I do think it is possible.

One thing that Sally and Craig both said in relation to children and spouses respectively that is so true is don't use the words "always" and "never". When you are frustrated or in an argument, don't say "You always do this" or "You never help around the house" or "You never obey me when I tell you to do something." That is destructive and very likely untrue. For a child, it can make them feel like they will never be good enough and for a spouse it is disrespectful.

Anyway, I have been impressed and challenged by these two speakers and I wanted to share them with you so in case you are looking for something inspirational to listen to, you have some new ideas now.

And now, I think I need to go check on the little girl who is growing up much too fast and is full of energy and ambition and loves being outside. She doesn't talk much yet, but when I ask her if she wants to go inside, her answer is to push the door closed which I take to be a rather strong NO. However, all I need to do is bring out the bread bag and she is more than happy to come inside. She is also obsessed with all things shoes and socks, so if you come to our house please make sure your shoes are clean!!!!!!!!!! And I probably should go rescue her dad's Sunday socks from my side of the bed and get the angel bear out of his closet that was left there in exchange for the socks. I think the trade off was a rip off, but she didn't so....  Oh and now everything is quiet again, so I am going to assume she is still happy in her crib.

Happy Thursday to you all.

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