Thursday, May 26, 2016

Birthday Thoughts

This week contained my birthday and I turned a year older. Pretty surprising huh?

Anyway, not too long ago a couple friends and I were discussing birthdays and if we liked a big hullabaloo about birthdays or if we preferred to pass the day quietly with little fanfare. I think we all agreed we liked to keep the hubbub to a minimum.

Now, I've had my birthday again, I've had a few in this life and I loved the day. It has to rank as one of the top birthdays ever. Was there a big party? No. Did people remember? Yes. Was there singing? Unfortunately yes and some awkward hugging too, which was not my idea, but memorable I suppose.
But mostly the day was special because I got to spend it with people I love. I went for a walk with my sis-in-law and niece, spent the morning and lunch with my mom and sister and all of the above with my daughter. Then, wonder of wonders, Dave took off work early, as in mid-afternoon, as in that never happens just because (actually his truck was getting serviced, but...) and we left said daughter with her grandma and we took off like a bunch of kids and went to Duluth.

We took the very scenic route driving through a job he is trucking out of, stopping off at Superior Street for a Starbucks. It was my birthday and I had a free drink to Caribou Coffee and Starbucks both, and yes, I took advantageous of both offers. Then on up to Hermantown where we went shopping for birthday gifts, out to supper at Texas Roadhouse and then for dessert to Cold Stone Creamery.  There was a lot of food involved, yes, but also really good conversation and just good times being together and able to focus on each other and not trying to keep Amber happy. We got home way too late, but it was SO MUCH FUN.  On top of that, D had taken me flower shopping the previous Saturday also for my birthday.

This all coming from a man who generally mentions the fact that he needs to go shopping the eve of my birthday or any other holiday in which gifts are exchanged.

So I still prefer not to have people singing happy birthday or having a big party where I am the center of attention, but I do love being celebrated and spending quality time with my favorite people.

So there you have it. What are your most favoritest birthday memories? And how do you prefer to celebrate? Quietly or with great fanfare?

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