Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saving my Assassin by Virginia Prodan

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Wow!! This is a book worth reading.

Our pastor this morning in his sermon was talking about duty versus safety and which should you put first. So much of today's culture is "Safety first". But what does Jesus call us to do? He calls us to lay down our lives and follow Him. While our pastor was preaching, Virginia came to mind.

She was raised in communist Russia under the rule of Nicolae Ceausescu. She became a lawyer because she wanted to know what truth was and she wanted to defend truth. While a lawyer, she found Jesus and the course of her career shifted. She was still a lawyer, but a lot of her work was defending Christians who were being wrongly treated, caught for carrying Bibles or whose churches were not being allowed to expand or even restore. She started to get threatened by the Securitate and realized that her life was not her own but she still determined to help those who asked for her help.

What really saved her life, I think, is the fact that the American Embassy and two radio programs, Voice of America and Radio Free Europe followed her work. Nicolae was trying desperately to appear like a human rights country and so he had to let her win her cases because of the publicity she was generating, plus it wouldn't have looked good for him to have her "disappear" as a lot of people did during his regime.

The climax of the book is when she is sitting in her office at the end of the day, her assistant has gone home and this big man comes in, pulls a gun and says, "I am here to kill you." Even though, she was terrified, Virginia begins to tell the man about Jesus and how He loves him. The big man starts crying and accepts Jesus as His Savior right there in that room.

Eventually, Virginia was placed under house arrest and during that time the American Embassy worked to get her out of the country. Romania didn't want other people to follow her example and start defending the rights of the Christians and other under-represented people.

Unfortunately, her husband didn't see eye to eye with her and after they moved to America, her marriage dissolved.

This is just a really good story. What is amazing is that her assassin was serious in his commitment to Jesus and as soon as the Revolution was over, he went to seminary in Romania and became a minister. He later went to see Virginia in her office in Texas.

I definitely recommend this book. I read it aloud on our recent trips and it made the time go super fast. It was a compelling read. You knew she survived because she wrote the book, but you really wondered how. God definitely was looking out for her and performing miracles on her behalf.

I received this book from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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