Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fun Things from the Last Week or So

Well, rats, I was going to make this easy and post some pics from my Instagram account only to realize I don't know how or you can't, one of the two. So while I take the round about way to find those pictures, let me talk about some other things.

I received this book in the mail this week and I loved it. There are two cds that come with the book and they contain songs to go with each Bible story and also a picture that you can download to color that matches the picture in the book. It's a nice hardcover book and I was so very impressed by it. I am going to stash it away for Amber for a birthday gift some year. Yes, I have no problem saving my free books to pass along as birthday gifts to my children. In fact, I think it's kind of brilliant if I can get them free gifts!!

Something else that struck me this week was a reading from my daily devotional book "The One Year Home and Garden Devotions" by Sandra Byrd. Here's a snippet: "And yet, we can't simply blame "the church." We are the church. And sometimes we are the ones who are so rushed that we don't take time to offer a bit of love to someone who desperately needs it. Or we find petty, nitpicky things to be irritated about with the pastor,...even though Scripture reminds us that love is not easily angered. We don't jump in and get involved, but then we complain that no one really knows us. Yes, the church as hurt me, too. But the church has also loved me, prayed for me, fed, me, taught me, worshiped with me, cared for me, called me, led me." I just thought that was so good and so true for me at times.
 So you hear those awful stories of parents sticking their kids in closets and locking them in there, and I think that is just mean and awful and the parents should be stuck in closets too. But A loves her closet. Why? Because she is a girl and there are shoes on the floor and a basket of socks on the shelf and she can have a high old time destroying the orderliness of it all.

To all the moms who cannot get their children to eat, I am so sorry, but I cannot understand. This is the pile of carrots that caused a serious meltdown one evening. I was leaving them for her dad for his supper, but no, she cried and fussed and wailed and we went outside to distract her and we came inside and she cried and fussed some more and finally I was like, "Fine go eat the carrots." And she did. True story.

 I have no idea why my blog is working like this. There is no rhyme or reason to where the text is going with the pictures, but oh well, you won't get bored this way.  Amber has her own little corner, under my desk. My dad built me this cool shelf down there and it's perfect for storing all her "toys" under there for her to play with when we're in the office. Toys like magnets, and quilt blocks and baskets and hinges and such like.

This, my friend, is some good eating. Go here for a very yummy treat. And they're relatively easy because you can spread them out over three days which totally rocked in my world.

This is a very cool view from about 15 floors up in Duluth. A revolving or rotating or whatever you call it restaurant. This was our view about half way through our breakfast.

 This was our breakfast.

And this was our view as we were getting ready to leave. We made almost a complete revolution in the time we ate breakfast.

 I was trying to get a peacefully sleeping picture, but I made too much noise and she woke up.

And beings she had to wake up, then she should turn her music on right? I saw the other day that this mobile was for 0-5 months. Well!! I didn't even get it put up until she was older than that. I took it down today because I figured she was too old for it and the music was sounding sick cowish it. And everyone knows it's easier to get rid of things than to change the batteries in it.

Clay Terra Cotta Pot
This is a boring clay pot, albeit a new one which is more than I can boast of. Mine were garage sale finds I think, because indecisive me couldn't make up my mind the last time I was at Hobby Lobby. So I bought two cheap flower pots at WalMart the other night to make up the rest of my pot display and I'm afraid I will be disappointed, but.... I can always change my mind and return them.

This is what my orange clay pots turned into. I am quite happy with them. A little cheer in the drabbest of days will be nice. I am kind of partial to the black and yellow one, but happy I didn't just stick with yellow on the gray one, but branched out even though I knew I liked the yellow. Maybe next week I can show them again in their splendor, filled with dirt and plants and sitting on my window sill.

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